Practical!These four points of car maintenance tips, recommended collection

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Entering spring, the temperature gradually warms up, is the time to do seasonal maintenance for the car ~ everyone on the arrangement?In fact, the car and the human body, regular maintenance to ensure “health”!But we must not ignore these points in the maintenance, otherwise it can be easy to do bad things!The engine is called the heart of the car, and the oil is the blood in the heart of the car.It is important to change the oil on time to keep the car “healthy”!Most owners like to use four seasons of general oil, but for some extremely cold or extremely hot weather or need to choose a specific oil to avoid vehicle failure – for example, in extremely cold weather with conventional oil, there will be difficult to start or simply can not catch fire.It is already spring, if you are still using winter oil, remember to change in time oh ~2 “body” detoxification we usually only pay attention to the appearance of the vehicle clean and ignore the internal sterilization!Winter travel in order to keep warm, the window ventilation time is short, it is easy to appear in the car air turbidity, dust accumulation, bacterial breeding situation.And as the temperature gradually rises in spring, all kinds of bacteria will multiply and grow crazily in the car.In this regard, many people think that spraying alcohol will be fine, but it is not!Alcohol does not kill stubborn germs. The correct method is high temperature steam disinfection: vaporize the disinfectant by heating it and spray it at high pressure into every corner of the car.3. “lung” cleaning vehicle lung “cleaning” is mainly to clean the air filter.If the air quality of the car driving environment is good, just replace the air filter regularly;But if the haze is heavy and the air quality is poor in living areas, we should always pay attention to whether the air filter needs to be cleaned: the air filter is too dirty, which will reduce the amount of air entering the cylinder, reduce the service life of the engine, and cause the decline of the dynamic performance of the car.Regular cleaning or replacement of air conditioning filters, to avoid odor, bacteria, more can ensure the performance of the vehicle oh ~4 “beauty” package in fact, our car is also very “love beauty” ~ take advantage of the maintenance of the vehicle paint beauty care arrangement!The common paint care items on the general market are: waxing, sealing glaze, coating, crystal plating, car clothes, a set of down but the vehicle bright as new, more importantly, can protect the car paint:Spring rain more rain, rain will contain acid components, has a strong corrosive effect on the car paint, if the body is more likely to cause rust, so the regular paint beauty care is also in the effective protection of car paint!Car maintenance has always been a very important issue, after all, it directly affects the performance of the car and the comfort of the driver.So take advantage of the warm spring weather, go to your car maintenance arrangements ~