Where do you go during the Spring Festival holiday?These old landmarks in Guangzhou are worth visiting

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New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Pepsi.● Where did you spend the Spring Festival this year?Should I go back to my hometown and gather with relatives and friends, or stay at my work place?However, with repeated outbreaks, many people must choose to stay in Guangzhou for the Spring Festival.Instead, take advantage of the rare vacation to experience the taste of the city again.● Chenggengjun specially sorted out a “Canton flavor” punch card strategy, including three good places.Have you ever been to inside to see, or is the place where want to go around ~ 01 HuiJi west yuexiu district lingnan lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood’s old town is located in yuexiu district of zhongshan six-way HuiJi west, known as guangzhou’s most amorous feelings of “small endowment the streets” of the republic of China, is now in guangzhou city the republic of China, building of the largest and best preserved one of the community.Traditional bamboo tube house, small single-family house, old site of Ta Kung Pao, illustration……The heavy sense of history and the modern sense of avant-garde are presented together in this old street. Recently, it was selected as a case of micro-transformation of guangzhou Historical and Cultural Block residential community.Hongde Lane haizhu District This is an old street and lane of the Republic of China, which is adjacent to Zhoutouzui and across the river from Shisheng and the long causeway of the “Bund of Guangzhou”. It is called “more Xiguan than Xiguan” by many people.As early as the middle of the Qing Dynasty, hongde Lane developed into a residential area in Guangzhou, mostly inhabited by comprador traders.Therefore, a large number of traditional residential areas featured by bamboo tube houses in Hongde Lane still have intact texture and features, with high historical value, just like “a breathing Lingnan folk museum”.Changhuayuan Liwan District would you like to feel what the imperial garden of southern Han Dynasty was like?That’s where chang Hua Court comes in.”In the old days, Wang Xie Tang yan, flying into ordinary homes.”With the change of dynasties and the development of times, the former imperial garden, which was once the domain of dignitaries, has also evolved into the residences of ordinary people and clusters of concentrated dwellings.In the 1930s, Chang Hua Court gradually became a block consisting of xiguan houses, bamboo tube houses, small western-style houses and collection buildings.At present, there are a considerable number of architectural complexes in the community. The texture of streets and lanes and the architectural style are still well maintained in the initial stage of construction, and it is known as the living “Xiguan Residential Architecture Museum”.B.I.G Hoi Chu Wan Art Park, Hoi Chu District, formerly tai Gan Wai Wharf Warehouse, consists of eight typical red brick factory buildings and warehouses in the 1950s.Since the completion of the transformation in 2019, the “old and shabby” has been smoothly transformed into a trendy online celebrity punch point.Being close to the first-line river view is the biggest natural advantage of B.I.G., while creativity is its soul. Transforming the old site into a topical “Internet celebrity building” is also one of the reasons for the park’s popularity.Xifang compound Panyu District guangzhou has Xiguan, Panyu has Xifang.Xifang Courtyard was founded in 1958 in Panyu district local state-owned agricultural and sideline products processing factory.In 2019, the district started urban renewal. Based on the concept of “repairing the old as the old”, Xifang Courtyard was activated from a dilapidated old factory to a cultural and creative park. At present, there are a few red brick tiled houses, Soviet-style historical buildings and factory workshop buildings full of the atmosphere of the reform and opening up era.The intersection of time and modernity, the integration of old architecture and new culture is probably the most appropriate description of Xifang Courtyard. The splendor of the first and second phases of the park is different from each other. In 2020, it was listed on the list of the first 100 Internet celebrity places in Guangzhou.Have you ever seen the creative garden with music as the theme in Liwan District?Fangcun Area, beside huadi River, at the junction of Guang-Fo, formerly known as Zhujiang Piano Group’s old factory, Zhujiang Steel Piano Dream Garden, has been renovated since 2019 and officially opened in 2021.As soon as you enter the park, you are filled with music, such as cello, band table, key signage and stereo note……It’s full of fun scenes that make you want to pull out your camera and click the shutter.At present, the park is mainly open to the first phase, and some areas are still under construction, looking forward to it to bring more surprises.03 The most famous?Yongqing Square Liwan District was born in 1931 en Ning Road is called “the most beautiful arcade street”, and then, the street of the most red renovation project – Yongqing Square appeared, and in August 2020 officially listed 4A scenic area.From the first phase of renovation completed in 2016 to the second phase of construction started in 2018, Yongqing Square is a block to experience the history and culture of Xiguan, and has also become a must-punch online celebrity scenic spot in Guangzhou.Remind you: during the Spring Festival, there are many activities in Yungching Square, such as lantern viewing, flower street walking, Hanfu parade and lion dance performance.Like lively partners can go to the “Yongqing Square” public number to check the specific activities ~ Dongshankou Yuexiu District Dongshankou, a guangzhou tide of the universe center.Well, some introduction — useful in yuexiu district is famous for its “dongshan small building” the eastern mountain of xinhe pu historical and cultural blocks, with guangzhou’s largest existing, combination of Chinese and western, the lower courtyard modern residential buildings, is one of the important place of memory, lingnan culture style became the general public and tourists to clock in web celebrity landmarks.Taking photos is not the only purpose, but it can record its historical atmosphere, beauty and art through the eyes and lens.The beauty of Guangzhou is not only reflected in the above places, but when this beauty is integrated into the flavor of the New Year, it is more unique.In fact, whether it is the poetry of the old city, lingnan charm or creative color, it is the mark of the city’s development.And you, of course, have been one of the witnesses.Finally, the city more jun to everyone happy New Year, I wish you – happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger!Article source: Leju buy a house