Angelababy divorce: No surprise, the couple divorced early

2022-04-24 0 By

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have announced their divorce, which should come as no surprise to Internet users, as they have long been rumored to be getting divorced.Speaking of Angelababy, she started her career as a plane model in her early years, and occasionally appeared in minor supporting roles in movies.So for their marriage, many people said that without Huang xiaoming, they would not know Angelababy.Indeed, without Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy would not have achieved what it has achieved.More than a decade ago, Huang Xiaoming was one of the top male candidates. Although his TV dramas like Yang Guo in The Return of the Conor Heroes and Luo Xi in The Summer of the Bubble were slightly greasy, his acting skills were undeniable.Since confirming her relationship with Huang xiaoming, Angelababy has not only taken on a number of fashion endorsements, but has also been a regular guest on running Man, which was just announced and hit at the time, for 10 seasons.How good are Baby’s resources?As long as it is the season of the explosive drama, have her figure, although the acting is poor, but still does not affect good resources to send.There were hints of their marriage last year, with Angelabab apparently appearing less frequently on fashion shows. There were no TV series or movies about her in the past year, while Huang honed his acting skills in big-budget movies.The interaction between the two is less, and the two will hardly be photographed in the same frame for the company of the baby Sponge.Last year, eagle-eyed Internet users noticed that neither of the two were wearing wedding rings, and rumors of a breakup began to take hold.Angelababy appeared in several fashion shows at the beginning of this year, and it seemed that the two were was not until the Spring Festival that they announced their divorce, ending their 12-year relationship.Were you surprised by their divorce?