At present, the most beautiful three mobile phones, the harvest at home and abroad, photo enthusiasts must have

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With the development of smart phone industry, all aspects of mobile phone functions have made great progress, especially the photo function of mobile phone has made great progress.Largely replaced the role of the camera, so a lot of friends in the purchase of mobile phone photo requirements are becoming more and more high.Today the demon to recommend three, domestic and foreign market response is quite good, like taking photos of friends do not miss.Let’s face it, the Mi 11 Ultra has a pretty solid camera stack of all the phones xiaomi has released so far.The huge three-shot module in the rear is not only visually dramatic, but also practical.The three rear lenses are extremely powerful, including a 50MP main lens with f/2.0 aperture, a 48MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom, and an ultra-wide Angle lens with 128°.With the addition of xiaomi’s latest image system, the imaging effect is not worse than ordinary cameras.Of course, you can’t forget the P50 Pro when you’re talking about a camera phone.Huawei’s high-end flagship has always been good at taking photos, especially Huawei’s P series, which has always been the industry’s top photographer.Huawei P50 Pro, in particular, was the champion in the authoritative mobile phone rankings of foreign media last year.The four-camera rear module in deep cooperation with Leica and the Leica camera system make it the most powerful camera phone ever.Only the price is slightly expensive, at that time in order to buy this phone, mi 9 Pro and iPhone 8P hang around recycling for more than 3,000, he added 3,000 before starting.The imaging effect of Apple’s mobile phone has always been recognized as outstanding in the industry. Although the pixel is not high, the imaging effect and photo quality are definitely the top in the industry.The three rear cameras all support night photography, and the telephoto lens supports 3x optical zoom, a huge increase over the previous 2.5x optical zoom.The ultra-wide-angle lens not only supports macro photography, but also improves light intake by 92 percent in low light conditions and improves nighttime imaging performance.The performance of these three phones is quite good in all aspects, especially for friends who like to take pictures, these three phones are absolutely the best choice.