During the Spring Festival, please keep these in mind

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The Spring Festival is a traditional Festival of the Chinese nation. Affected by customs, illegal field fire behaviors such as burning paper, burning incense and lighting candles and setting off fireworks and firecrackers in the forest areas will pose a serious threat to people’s lives and property and forest resources.For fresh air, keep a forest fire spread civilization, create a safe, simple and green worship atmosphere: 01 abandon ancient customs, but sacrifice air fresh air to advocate green civilization, select online worship, sacrifice, planting of trees and flowers to replace traditional incense burning fake and other activities, will be the tradition of Chinese nation ShenZhongZhuiYuan emotions expressed in the way of modern civilization.02 Fire control, risk prevention strictly abide by the relevant provisions of forest fire prevention, do not bring fire into the mountain, enter the forest fire zone consciously scan the “fire qr code”.Do not smoke in the forest area, burn incense, burn paper, picnic and set off fireworks, lanterns, etc.Once a fire is detected, the first time to call the forest fire.03 strong guidance, heavy participation cadres and workers take the lead in promoting forest fire prevention knowledge to relatives and friends, grassroots masses, improve safety awareness and ability, strengthen the education guidance and supervision of the elderly, minors and special personnel, and create a good atmosphere of civilized sacrifice for the whole people.Protecting the green mountains is to respect our ancestors, but also responsible for future generations.Let’s join hands to be the propagandist, practitioner and supervisor of forest fire prevention, strictly prevent forest fire, protect the green homeland, and spend a safe, healthy and harmonious Spring Festival with the practical action of civilized sacrifice.I wish the whole district a happy New Year and a happy family!China forest grassland Fire prevention Editor: Gou Yafan Review: Huang Hao