Foreign gods versus Chinese gods?I can’t believe they got a third one for this stupid movie

2022-04-24 0 By

I thought this Spring Festival experienced the baptism of two bad movies, wang Jing “Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon”, can no longer be allergic to bad movies.Unexpectedly, in the fifth day of the New Year to welcome the god of wealth, Sun Yue starred in a “Violent God of Wealth 3” again to my nausea bad.When Yue Yunpeng shuttle in film and television drama and all sorts of variety is not yiyi happy, as the straight Sun Yue also can’t be idle, after all, rely on that point dead salary, there is no theater performance, how likely to earn money, simply Sun Yue also began to mix face familiar in film and television circle.I haven’t watched any other dramas starred by Sun Yue, but THE reason why I choose “The God of Wealth 3″ is purely because Tencent’s video homepage keeps recommending this online movie to me. The avatar of The God of Wealth played by Sun Yue is also quite funny there, so I clicked on it.The first two films in the series, 2019’s God of Money 1 and 2021’s God of Money 2, received a rating of 4 out of 10, and 2022’s God of Money 3 received a rating of 4.For three years in a row, the Chinese New Year was chosen to be screened during this time period. Moreover, the cast seems to care nothing about the reputation. The stories are worse and worse each time, and there is no logic.”The God of Wealth 3” begins, is sun Yue as the god of wealth birthday, fu Lu shou Samsung plus matchmaker gathered for the god of wealth.The plot here is absurd, which is to take the modern way of life to the sky, let the gods play mahjong, eat barbecue, and play mobile games.At this time, the three immortals abroad suddenly appeared, Dongying immortals was yano Koji played.The foreign god then challenged the god of wealth to monopolize heaven who got the keel.See here I am confused, since know the keel is very important, these three foreign gods are crazy, but also swear to run over to tell the Chinese god of wealth, how they don’t go to find their own, less a person less a rival.Plot at this time opened the way of nonsense nonsense, the god of wealth found a keel, and want to get keel, must be willing to this person.In order to get the keel, just began to plan to buy money, but magic has timeliness in the world, and then want to help men to achieve a wish, but three foreign gods always make trouble, the god of wealth can only see recruit open.I thought there would be a fight between the Chinese gods and three foreign gods, but I never thought that the director would have skipped the wonderful story that could have filled the plot hole.Maybe it’s because it requires a lot of special effects and costs a lot of money. Originally, this movie was just going to run away with money, so why spend a lot of money on it?Look at that. The crew really took the audience for fools.Plot nonsense aside, the point is that the epilogue forces a positive confession, telling the audience that nothing happens to you and that to succeed, you have to keep your feet on the ground.From the beginning to the end, I don’t think the crew tried to tell a good story. They thought that cobbling together a bunch of silly Internet jokes was a movie. They thought that if they made a big theme, people would buy it.It is reported that “The God of Wealth 3” has been the top grossing film on Tencent Video for 6 days in a row, and the top grossing film on IQiyi for 2 days in a row. So far, the total grossing film has exceeded 10 million yuan.I guess, should also be earned, the network movie is such now, look for a gimmick, get some familiar face or past star, or Dally against the heat of classic film and TV drama, like Di Renjie, Song Ci, Bao Zheng, Sun Wukong and so on, anyway, do not need copyright fee.If it goes on like this, sooner or later, Chinese films will be destroyed by these bottomless online films.