Leaders of the district inspected the work related to service guarantee and epidemic prevention and control of the Winter Olympics, and visited frontline staff

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On The opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Sun Junmin, party secretary of The Beijing District Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC), visited the Beijing North Railway Station and the nucleic acid testing site at Xinjiekou street to check the service guarantee and epidemic prevention and control work, and extended festive greetings to the frontline workers.District leader Wang Bo accompanied the inspection.As the starting station of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, Beijing North Railway Station is an important transportation infrastructure for the Winter Olympics.The leaders of the district inspected the landscape layout of the Winter Olympic Games in the south Square of the station and the transportation routes of the Winter Olympic Games, learned about the transportation services, epidemic prevention and control, emergency support and other work in detail, and sent New Year’s greetings to the front-line staff, thanking them for their hard efforts in serving the Winter Olympic Games and protecting the traffic operation.Sun pointed out that all efforts should be made to ensure transportation during the Winter Olympic Games and the Spring Festival, strictly implement epidemic prevention and control and safety measures, and do a good job in environmental eradication and nucleic acid testing of related personnel.For buses with large passenger volume, epidemic prevention management should be done well, emergency response mechanism should be improved, personnel guidance should be strengthened, efficiency of transfer and security inspection should be improved, and crowds should be avoided.Later, Sun Junmin and his team went to a nucleic acid testing sampling site located in Xiekou street to check nucleic acid testing and cold chain management and other epidemic prevention and control work. They pointed out that cold chain epidemic prevention should not be taken lightly, and the frequency of nucleic acid testing should be encrypted to ensure that no one is missed.All businesses under the jurisdiction shall earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, set up staff ledger, accurately record staff personal information, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other contents, and conduct nucleic acid testing as required.The market supervision department should strengthen the epidemic prevention and control inspection of restaurants and supermarkets under its jurisdiction, focus on and randomly check the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and timely urge the rectification of unqualified businesses.Digital technology should be used to empower cold chain management and improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention.Text: Li Tong Photo: Yu Zhiqiang