Li Bai claimed that he would like to be a mountain man

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Jinhua news client on March 13 news reporter Xu Zhenjin recently, Lanxi citizens Should exercise in Hengshan Park, found between the trees have never seen a “pheasant” is leisurely walking.It is elegant, the body half white and half black, silver feathers like a white dress, quite fairy, the most striking is that drag the ground white tail feathers.Not only that, it was accompanied by several similar brown “pheasants”, but much smaller.Mr. Ying took a video and posted it online.Later, a netizen replied that these pheasants are the Second-class national protected animal Silver Pheasant.Is the pheasant Mr. Ying saw the Silver Pheasant?Why is it in Hengshan?With questions, the reporter found lanxi city wild plant protection management station stationmaster Tang Jinsheng.After careful comparison and analysis, he confirmed that the pheasant in the video was The Silver Pheasant.The Silver Pheasant belongs to the Pheasant family, Order Gallformes. It mainly lives in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests below 2000 meters above sea level, and is more common in dense forests and sparse undergrowth evergreen broad-leaved forests and gully rain forests.Hengshan is located in the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest belt, with good air quality and excellent ecological environment, which is the reason for the silver pheasant’s selection.The pheasant has a reputation as a “fairy in the forest,” tang said. The female and male birds are very different, with different body shapes and feathers.Usually the male bird is 100~119 cm long. Its upper body and wings are white, and its back is covered with v-shaped black lines. Behind its head, it wears a dark black crest, its lower body is black, and its face and feet are red.Long white tail feathers are typical of male birds, giving them an ethereal appearance when walking and flying.Compared with male birds, female birds are somewhat inferior both in size and “appearance level”, with a body length of 58 to 67 cm, the whole body is brown, tail feathers are not as long as the male birds.Standing next to the male, the female bird is invisible.According to the above description, Mr. Ying saw a male silver pheasant and several female silver pheasants in Hengshan.”This is not the first time a silver pheasant has been found in Lanxi. It has also been found in mountain forests in Lingdong and Huangdian.”Tang jinsheng said.It is known that Zhejiang is one of the distribution places of Silver pheasant, including Jinhua.Xie Chungang, head of jinhua Wildlife Conservation And Management Station, said the silver pheasant was found during a background resource survey in wucheng Nanshan Provincial Nature Reserve.In addition, Silver Pheasant has also been found in Dongyang and Yongkang.The silver Pheasant has been seen many times by Ms. Zhang, a resident of Lanxi, in Zhongzhou Park of Lanxi. Sometimes it is a male bird, sometimes a male bird with several females.”The few times I saw them, the place was fixed and I was not afraid of people. Once, I even walked past them with a swagger.”The silver pheasant appears in groups, usually one male with several females, according to the description of the pheasant.Is this related to their living habits?The Voice of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an official wechat account of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, published an article about The Silver Pheasant.During the day, the silver Pheasant usually walks and feeds in the dark forest and mostly moves in its territory, with fixed routes and locations.At the same time, the silver pheasant mainly moves in small groups, ranging from a few to a dozen birds, with a strong male as the leader, controlling several adult females, less strong or younger males, and young birds.In addition, The Silver Pheasant is an absolute “patriarchal society” with a “polygamy” and strict hierarchy.As a result, the seemingly elegant silver Pheasant is less committed in his feelings and even loathsome. He secretly has many wives and concubines.It seems that it is no coincidence that Ms Zhang has met the Silver Pheasant several times in the same place.Also, when the Silver Pheasant appears, the family usually comes out for a walk.Since ancient times, the Silver pheasant has been considered an auspicious bird.It is recorded in The Great Legend of Shangshu that during the Zhou Dynasty, Yue Sang family presented the White Pheasant, also known as the Silver Pheasant, to king Cheng of Zhou.In the first year of yuan Shi, emperor Ping of Han Dynasty, the People of South Yue presented white pheasant as a tribute, which was regarded as the “White pheasant zhirui of Zhou Cheng”, meaning that getting white pheasant was a symbol of auspice and prosperity.The pheasant’s silver pheasant is described in the Bird Jing, the earliest Chinese literature on birds: “It is as white as a pheasant and walks leisurely.”Therefore, among the five rare birds raised by Li Fang in the Song Dynasty, The Silver Pheasant is also called “Xianyue”.During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, civil officials embroidered birds on their uniforms to distinguish the rank of officials.In addition to the familiar crane, peacock, natural also not silver Pheasant.The Silver Pheasant was a pattern of five different kinds of court clothes for civil officials.When it comes to the silver Pheasant among the ancients, Li Bai must be one of them.After all, raising birds is one of his hobbies.While traveling to Huangshan, Li Bai learned that Hu’s family had a pair of silver pheasants.Li Bai, the “master bird keeper”, then made a special visit and wrote a poem titled “To The Silver Pheasant from Hu Gong to huangshan” : “I would like to have this bird and play on the Green Mountain.Duke Hu can give them at every turn and send them back.”The poem highly praises the silver pheasant’s high purity and pure beauty, expresses his love for the silver pheasant, and hopes that Lord Hu can present the silver pheasant to him.Li Expressed his willingness to buy hu Gong’s Silver Pheasant with a pair of precious white biles.Li bai also said that if he could get it, he would like to be a mountain man with the Silver Pheasant in this life.It can be seen that Li Bai is truly in love with Bai Swinhoe.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: