Malaysia Shared Space Dance Company: Promote Chinese culture and dream for a better future

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Kunming, China News Service, February 3The Year of the Tiger has arrived.As the most important festival for Chinese people around the world, the Spring Festival has been passed down from generation to generation and become the common nostalgia and bond of the Chinese people.Malaysia Shared Space Dance Company will participate in the 2022 Transnational Spring Festival Gala “Universal Love For A Long Time · Five Continents Together” to showcase Malaysia’s multi-ethnic culture and art in the “Cloud” and celebrate the Spring Festival with overseas Chinese and overseas friends around the world.Founded in 1998, Shared Space Dance Company is Malaysia’s first modern full-time professional dance company with the development philosophy of exchange and sharing.Ma Jinquan, founder and artistic director of the dance troupe, said in an online interview with China News Service, “The majority of the troupe members are Chinese. We have been engaged in cultural exchanges and cross-ethnic artistic cooperation, and participating in this online gala is an exciting experiment.”In this online Spring Festival Gala, Shared Space Dance Company was invited to perform the modern dance “Pulsating Rainforest”, which opened the boundless vitality of the New Year for the global audience with the power of the deep rainforest.”In order to present the best performance effect in the ‘Cloud’, our performance venue is an art center where both nature and humanity coexist. We strive to show the background meaning of ‘Pulsating Rainforest’ — natural rainforest and diverse Malaysian culture.”Ma Jinquan introduced that the dancers in the dance wear costumes containing Malaysian characteristics, modern dance creation techniques will be the integration of various ethnic dances in Malaysia, and the addition of “golden peacock” and other multi-ethnic cultural symbols, bright rhythm, colorful.Since its inception, Ma Jinquan has led The Company to explore the culture of multi-ethnic integration. With modern dance as the carrier, it has extended its performing arts to the international stage, and has performed in China, Japan, Singapore, Spain and many other places.Among the many excellent dance works they performed, the one that impressed the members the most was “Bones and Shells of Diverse Cultures”, which showed the evolution of Chinese calligraphy over a thousand years.”As Chinese, we shoulder the mission of inheriting and promoting traditional Chinese culture, which will not change no matter where we are,” Mr. Ma said.Since the mid-19th century, a large number of Chinese have migrated to the islands of Southeast Asia, sharing weal and woe with the local people and making significant contributions to the development and development of southeast Asia.Ma Jinquan is a fourth-generation Malaysian Chinese. His ancestral home is in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. His grandparents and parents worked as planters and hairdressers to support their families.”We pursue our dance dream with the support of our families. When faced with difficulties, we are always inspired by the brave spirit of our grandparents when they went down to Nanyang.”Ma jinquan and his team were unable to perform offline and tour internationally for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Facing the unprecedented test, The Dance company of Shared Space did not give up dance, but explored and tried new ways, while actively transforming to find a broader stage in the network “cloud”.”During the Spring Festival, members of the dance troupe are often unable to get together with their families because they are busy performing online or offline. We miss the reunion with our families and the festive atmosphere on the streets.”Referring to the New Year’s wish, Ma jinquan said, “I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and everything will revive like spring, and we can continue our dream of dancing in a happy life.”(after)