Shencheng street flowers flowers flowers winter Olympics elements to welcome the New Year

2022-04-24 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday officially opened today, nearly ten million POTS of flowers will be decorated in The City beautiful riotous, the elements of the Winter Olympics are also skillfully integrated into them.Citizens walking the streets can feel the strong smell of the New Year.Xujiahui business district, naive golden tiger smile to welcome visitors.Along the Zhaojiabang Road, the forest gardens are colorful.In the central green space, with xujiahui as the origin of the word “hui”, the theme scenic spot of “water rising and waves gathering” is unique and creative, and the strong smell of the New Year is coming to you.Zhou Jia, the project’s chief designer, said, “The overall design concept is expressed through some novel water features and the form of green carving.”The Winter Olympics are about to open in Beijing, and the elements of the Games have become highlights on the streets.In the large three-dimensional flower beds in the wansports Pavilion area, the mascots Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rongrong send New Year wishes to passers-by;At the entrance of Xujiahui Park on Hengshan Road, the ice blocks of skiing, skating and playing ice hockey are lively and lovely.Xuhui District green management center green management section chief Zeng Jun said: “With the Winter Olympics emblem cartoon image and some of the winter Olympics modeling elements to foil the warm atmosphere of welcoming the Winter Olympics.”Major public green Spaces, street gardens and pocket parks are also carefully decorated.Daning business district “maple garden”, red lanterns hung high;In the railway station area, the three-dimensional flower bed at the entrance of the railway station “braving the wind and waves to welcome the Spring Festival” takes on a new look;By the bank of Suzhou River, the beautiful scenery of “Flying Flower” won the special prize at the Flower Expo;The pocket park at the corner of Stone Gate Road also slows down the pace of passers-by.It is worth mentioning that this year shencheng streets flower box layout is also unique.”The taste of The New Year is really at home,” said a resident. “You can enjoy it as soon as you go out.”Jing ‘an District green management Center construction management section staff Zeng Lulin said: “let everyone at home can feel the thick flavor of the festival feel happy and peaceful festive atmosphere.”(Look at Knews reporter: Tang Ming Bao Gang intern editor: Fan Shiyan)