Spring Festival 7 days received more than 13,000 tourists!Yuyin Shanfang “Colorful Shanfang” Canton Manchurian window exhibition continues until the end of this month

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The Spring Festival holiday, the shadow of more than one of the most famous four gardens in guangdong mountain room held “chrysanthemum fragrance Old park pleasure “activities during the Spring Festival in 2022, launched the chrysanthemum exhibition, exhibition of manchuria window, theatrical performances, the spring fair, the god of wealth to send such rich and colorful cultural activities, attracted broad citizen, the masses in the ancient garden flowers to admire the view, celebrate the festival, on January 31 and February 6,Yuyin Mountain House received more than 13,000 tourists.During the Spring Festival, Yuyin Shanfang strictly carried out epidemic prevention and control to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission.Tourists need to make an online reservation in advance to enter the park. For those who fail to make an online reservation, the scenic spot is set up at the gate, and tourists can enter the park with their reservation number.Tourists are reminded to wear masks, show health code and travel code, and tourists from at-risk areas are required to provide 48-hour nucleic acid certificates;Implement diversion control, strictly control the flow of people, to avoid crowd gathering;Strengthen the elimination frequency of the park;The radio plays a loop of warm tips to remind tourists to do their own epidemic prevention and control.All staff work in an orderly manner to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work.Temperature measurement for travellers to check passengers health code, code park layout “hit” to create an atmosphere of joy and peaceful New Year’s day, I hung up the red lanterns almost every tree in the park, the park, you put the chrysanthemum, peach flower, orchid, etc should be section, hang Chinese knot, each room add cushion, furnishing articles, New Year decoration, etc.Among them, the square specially designed beauty of the Year of the Tiger, with colorful chrysanthemums, become a unique scenery line, almost every visitor to the park will be the first to take a picture here, many families even specially here to take a family photo, freeze their New Year memories.Nearly 300 POTS of chrysanthemums cultivated by Guangzhou Zhongle Orchid Research Center were displayed in the chrysanthemum exhibition.Township five colours including springs, the spark, the bride with white hair, ChunManQianKun olive mountain, dew Yi clear autumn, and eagle lion, riverside flow chardonnay, panlong jasper, birds, beauties, guohua flowers aromatic, green Anna, guohua pyramid, such as variety, color is rich, unique, let visitors to experience the “pale red pale yellow, ponder the XinZhuang fragrance of incense” the wonderful scenes and ancient character of flower chrysanthemum appreciation of elegant life,The exhibition runs from January 27 to February 7.”Light red, light white, dark yellow, clusters of new makeup fragrance,” the chrysanthemum exhibition in addition to juzhan, the garden also set up a “brilliant Reflection of the Mountain room” Canton Manchurian window exhibition.Manchurian window is a special window form for residential houses and courtyard buildings in the Pearl River Delta. It is a window made of traditional window mullions (wood frames) inset with colored glass, which is imported from the West.Gardenia set in Shenliu Hall of Yuyin Shanfang, Lingnan Fruit and fruit harvest window, and “butterfly flower” and “kapoki” Manchurian window of Yu Yuan are its representatives.In order to enable visitors to have a more intuitive understanding of the connotation and charm of Manchurian Windows, Yuyin Shanfang exhibited manchurian Windows made by Foshan Manzhou Glass Workshop Co., Ltd. in Shanyan Wu Gong Temple from January 20 until the end of February.The most popular attraction for visitors is the opera show.In order to meet the needs of more opera fans, from the second day of the first lunar month to the fourth day of the first lunar month, professional opera performers will perform in yuyin Hill house for three consecutive days. The main performances are Cantonese opera, Peking Opera and Shaoxing Opera. Tourists can enjoy the opera while touring the garden.There are also costume exhibitions and costume experience booths in the park, allowing visitors to experience theatrical makeup and costumes on site.From the first day of the first lunar month to the sixth day of the first lunar month, there is also a Spring Festival market in the Room of Yuyin Mountain, where visitors can choose their favorite products freely and vote for the “Best Popularity Award” at the booth. The winner is decided by on-site voting, which greatly enhances the sense of participation and experience for visitors.On the first day of the first month to the third day of the first month, there is the god of wealth in the house of Yuyin Mountain, many children chasing the god of wealth to ask for candy or take a photo with the god of wealth, get a good intention for the New Year, spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the scenic spot recruited a number of volunteers to engage in civilization guidance, epidemic prevention and control, scenic spot activities and other related work, providing tourists with on-site reservation, queuing guidance, registration information, ticket verification and other services, maintaining good order in the scenic spot and creating a warm and civilized tourism environment.Volunteers to help visitors to the exhibition volunteers guide visitors to scan text/photo: Fanyu Rong media reporter Zhong Shiwei correspondent Fu Lingyan