Spring Festival holiday in my province public security organs to build a solid line of defense

2022-04-24 0 By

Reporters recently learned from the provincial public Security department, during the Spring Festival holiday, the provincial public security organs closely around social and political stability, social security prevention and control, fire and road traffic accident prevention and other aspects, solid work during the festival security, to ensure that the province’s people have a peaceful and successful Spring Festival.According to the overall deployment of the provincial public security department, the criminal investigation department focuses on the telecommunications network fraud during the festival to increase prevention and combat, protect the people’s “money bag”;The public security department strengthened the inspection and rectification of scenic spots, business districts and key places;Food and drug environmental departments to intensify the investigation of food and drug safety, counterfeit and shoddy cases, to protect the safety of people’s tables;Traffic police departments take the Safe Spring Festival Transport as the carrier to promote the investigation of potential safety hazards of key vehicles and drivers, strengthen the diversion of large passenger flow, and ensure the safety and smooth traffic during the festival.From January 31 to February 6, the province dispatched more than 20,000 police officers and 5,000 vehicles per day, opened 103 traffic police enforcement stations, and investigated and dealt with 4,003 traffic violations.There were no major criminal and public security cases, no major fire and traffic accidents, and the public order was good.Harbin, qiqihar, mudanjiang, jiamusi, daqing, etc to crack down on the crime of pickpocketing, start the security regulation “decisive battle” series of actions, concentrating on “eight” patrol, increasing social prevention and control and the management of road traffic safety, and completes the traffic safety early-warning prompt during festivals and activities, to protect the safety of life and property of the people.At the same time, local police stations and other grassroots units throughout the province have opened “green channels” for the convenience of the masses.Household affairs, entry and exit public security departments and other public security personnel on duty, emergency, special, to meet the needs of the people, a total of 3,448 people handled the ID card business, creating a complete and peaceful festive atmosphere.