World preliminary tragedy 0-1!The world No. 57 went out three rounds early and the team celebrated as the opponent saved three points

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Jamaica, ranked 57th in the world, lost 1-0 to Costa Rica in the World Cup qualifier in North America on February 3, 2008.With qualification at stake, The Jamaicans opened the match on fire, but blocked multiple shots from Greater Paris goalkeeper Jesus Navas.The deadlock was finally broken in the 62nd minute of the second half, but it was costa Rica who scored.Taking the ball inside the penalty area, Kanpur flicked the ball into the home side’s far corner.The costa Rican team celebrated wildly on the sidelines after scoring the decisive goal.Then they all came back and held on to a 1-0 lead.With only seven points after 11 rounds of qualifying, Jamaica are 10 points behind fourth-placed Panama, and with three games to go, they are certain not to finish in the top four and will eventually be eliminated from the World Cup.As for Costa Rica, they have 16 points from 11 games to remain fifth, one point behind panama in fourth place, after picking up three life-saving points (they would have been eliminated if they had lost).With the rest of this round, the gap between Costa Rica and its former rivals is likely to widen.But with three more games to go, Costa Rica still has a chance.According to the rules, there are 3.5 qualifying spots for the North American World Cup, and Costa Rica will have a chance to play in the play-off if they can come back and finish fourth.But costa Rica’s remaining three games, against Canada, El Salvador and the United States, are two very difficult matches, and they’ll need 200 percent effort to have any chance of coming back.Well, at least for now, they’re not completely hopeless, but as long as they’re not eliminated, there’s hope, right?