4 big shots!The Chinese women’s football team made the National football team embarrassed, put together a miracle, Huang Jianxiang: see cry

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China beat Japan 6-5 on penalties in the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup.In the absence of Wang Shuang, the women’s football coach Shui Qingxia made a magic substitution, which became an important turning point, allowing China to equalize the score in time under the circumstances of falling behind, paving the way for the development of the following story.The personnel of water coach, on-the-spot command and the spirit of this team are obviously stronger than the former Jia Xiuquan of women’s football team and li Xiaopeng of men’s football team.Now it is up to this remarkable Chinese woman and her fighting girls to keep up the face of Chinese football.In the 26th minute of the first half, The Japanese team relied on the combination of the left side, skillfully through the left ribs of the Chinese team, and then a small Angle header, China 1-0 down.And in the offensive and defensive situation, China team is also relatively passive, the Japanese team’s front field attack oppression let China team back field defense continued into tension, the attack is difficult to display.Leading 1-0 at half-time, Japan still missed a number of foot chances, while China had almost no positive shots.Such a passive situation, because of the guidance of a magical substitution shui Qingxia reversed the decline.In the second half, Xiao Yuyi came on as a substitute, and just over a minute later, China opened the scoring with an assist from Xiao.Xiao Yuyi gets the ball from the left baseline, sends a pick pass, Wu Chengshu catches a pad shot from the front of the small penalty area, equalizing the score!In the absence of Wang Shuang, the water director let Wang Shanshan shoulder the offensive responsibility, and Wang Shanshan also lived up to expectations, in the case of the Japanese team advanced in extra time, she scored the most equal-scoring goal, the Chinese team at the death of the rescue back.Finally, the penalty shootout, and Wang Shanshan won!This match, The Chinese women’s football team almost overnight will awaken the passion of Chinese football!The spirit they displayed was clearly stronger than the men’s.In addition to scoring goals and long periods of steady and orderly defense in the backfield, the women’s football girls spared no effort in the 120-plus minutes of the match and kept their fighting spirit.In the match, the girls showed a strong momentum against the Japanese players, without any implication, all the energy used in the normal match.In the 21st minute, The Chinese women’s football team successfully tackled the ball, such as the tiger tackling the general ball, so that the Japanese players have no temper;The 66th minute, Lou Jiahui injured by stretcher, Gao Chen substitute.In the 113th minute, the girls still maintained their tenacious impact force. In the off-ball time, they closed down the front court in a wide range of high positions, forcing the Japanese players to pass the ball back, but then they passed the sideline themselves.The girls gave it their all, with Xiao cramping at the end of the match, much to the fans’ heartbreak.Many viewers sigh that these four details are far stronger than men’s football.To know the men’s soccer team and The Japanese team, Wei Shihao without the ball when the scolding was evaluated as “the only show of blood”.In three days of great joy and sorrow, it was a night that came close to the men’s loss.The hole dug by the men’s football team for Chinese football, the girls fill it!Men’s football team owes Chinese fans a debt of gratitude, the girls to pay!After the game, huang Jianxiang posted, “Chinese football is lucky to have girls!I cried watching the men’s team the day before yesterday, and I cried watching the women’s team today.”This Spring Festival, fans should be grateful for the Chinese women’s football team!