AI Meta-universe + education, henan’s first virtual teacher appeared

2022-04-25 0 By

On the first day of the new semester at Henan Open University, a virtual female teacher named He Kaikai made her debut.”Hello everyone, I am He Kaikai, a virtual teacher of teaching Support Service, the research result of the ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Engineering Research Center co-established by Henan Open University and IFLYtek.In the future, I will broadcast the school’s open education teaching support services for you, I hope you pay more attention to!”Meticulous hair, delicate and elegant makeup, professional purple pink suit, gentle voice…River kaikai teacher on the line, with their own unique advantages to attract everyone’s attention.AI virtual female teacher River Kaikai many people are curious about the river kaikai teacher’s appearance, in this regard, to the director of spring branch, river Kaikai teacher in life without prototype, she is through the collection of school image of a number of female teachers and then face recognition, data modeling, speech synthesis and other procedures debugging out.In the future, they will also consider changing his clothes and hair style to present a virtual teacher with diverse images.What will He kaikai do?It is understood that the main work of teacher He Kaikai is to serve as an anchor, broadcasting the education and teaching support services of the school for the whole province.In the future, the school will make use of the power of artificial intelligence to carry out teaching reform, help students answer questions remotely, act as teaching assistants for teachers, and carry out collaborative teaching between teachers and teachers.(According to Daxiang News, Henan Youth Times) Source: Zhengguan News