Bao Zheng’s position was not high. Why did he let the later generations know each other? What was the outcome of Bao Zheng in history?

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Bao Zheng, a famous official in the Northern Song Dynasty.Bao Zheng was incorruptible, resolute, unattached to dignities, unselfish, wise and courageous, and dared to claim injustice for the people. He was also known as “Bao Qingtian” because of his black-faced image.Bao (content image), but with only ‬ these ‬, not ‬ let zheng ‬ ‬ China ‬ household ‬, because ‬ ‬ ‬ each at each generation in the history of yu ‬ numerous ‬, not ‬ ‬ theory is the highest-ranking ‬ ‬ grade ‬, or ‬ officer ‬ ‬ achievement, is in the same ‬ dynasty ‬ than ‬ he has countless ‬ ‬, bao ‬ ‬ known by people ‬ ‬,Main bud or bud because bud later ages bud to its bud art image bud processing bud!There are many stories about Bao Zheng among Chinese folk, which are unique in popular literature.After Bao Zheng died, the story of Bao Zheng spread among the people. People in Song Dynasty created a lot of stories about Bao Zheng’s case solving, such as Bao Waiting to Make the Contract text of Intelligent Profit and Bao Longtu To Settle the Injustice in Three Appearance, which is the processing of The artistic image of Li Li in the earliest li Li in the early li Li.In the Yuan Dynasty, due to the political darkness, Bao Zhengduolao was shaped as a judge who could live in heaven and earth.Bao Zheng, who presided over justice and was omnipotent, reflected people’s longing for clean officials and expectations for clear politics, as well as a psychological fantasy of the people’s dissatisfaction with the dark reality.So yuan have ‬ potpourri in ‬ bao spread all over the world play ‬, preserved as zheng ‬ administer justice ‬ ‬ complete script is 11, with anonymous “Chen Zhou one meter” ‬ five ‬ ‬ complete script, such as works, “butterfly dream”, “LuZhai lang”, Zheng Tingyu “package DaiZhi wisdom can be backyard flower”, the Li Xingdao HuiLan remember, Zeng Ruiqing “leave shoes”,Wuhan Chen’s “living golden pavilion” and so on.Script ‬ ‬ content ‬ ‬ here have different ‬ introduced a ‬ ‬ ‬.Guan Hanqing’s Butterfly Dream and The Collection of Short stories on official cases in The Ming Dynasty, Long Tu Official Cases, upgraded the artistic image of Bao Zheng. Bao Zheng not only possessed the integrity and inner charm of an honest official, but also possessed a wide range of abilities. From the Jade Emperor to the yama, He always answered bao Zheng’s demands, and some local gods were even driven by him.Longtu Cases has a direct influence on novels such as The Three Chivalry and Five Righteousness, and many of its cases are adapted and processed according to the book.But in the Qing Dynasty, Shi Yukun’s long-length classic Work Three Heroes and Five Meanings pushed Bao zheng’s image to its peak.Three Swordsmen and Five Righteousness is the originator of Chinese swordsmen novels. The popular stories in the book have exerted a profound influence on the art of storytelling, swordsmen novels and literature in modern China.The novel added bao Zheng’s life, qingtian three guillotine knife (dragon, tiger, dog head guillotine) origin, Kaifeng four warriors (dynasty, Mahan, Zhang Long, Zhao Hu) and GongSun Ce, Exhibition Zhao, Bai Yutang and other people’s origin and story.The three Swordsmen and Five Righteousness made Bao zheng’s image fuller and more widely spread.In May 2007, Bao Zheng suddenly fell ill while working in the Privy Council.On the 24th of the same month, Bao died of illness at the age of 64.Renzong came to pay his respects and stopped for one day.Posthumously presented to the Ministry of Rites shang Shu, posthumous name “Xiaosu”.Some people caught “normal office, sudden illness”, this here and add suspense to bao’s death, my point is that there is no suspense, also opposed in suspense, with views and common sense to see now, a lot of the old, middle-aged, even on the risk of cardiovascular disease, the occurrence of sudden die-off is beside us.There is nothing strange about this, bao Zheng’s image has been processed enough by later generations, let him be more real!