On February 18th the European Union wanted to expel Poland and Hungary;Lithuanian politicians offer peace talks with China

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Recently, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has been out of control under the fire of the United States and western countries. Yesterday, Russian media also revealed that the Ukrainian government forces fired several times in eastern Ukraine, and the security situation in Europe has been in a great threat, while at this time, the European Union has also fallen into the crisis of separation.According to the World Wide Web on February 18, the European Court of Justice recently ruled that the EU can suspend the disbursement of funds to the country on the basis of the principle that “a member state violates the RULE of law of the EU”, The Times of Britain said the ruling could further split the EU.British media also predicted that the ruling could have a serious impact on Poland and Hungary’s access to nearly 150 billion euros in COVID-19 recovery funds over the next five years, which would make it more likely that Poland and Hungary will leave the EU.Hungary’s justice Minister said the ruling was “proof of the eu’s abuse of power” and Poland accused the EU of “trying to deprive member states of their freedoms”, while both countries hinted that they could be forced to leave the EU if such actions continue.That Poland and Hungary reacted so strongly is a measure of the force of the European Court of Justice’s punitive ruling, which is not just about allocating billions of dollars to the EU, but also about the power struggle within the bloc.Poland and Hungary have been targeted because their actions have touched on the interests of the EU’s power centre and disturbed so-called “European solidarity”, so the ruling is a shoot-out.When Poland and the EU squabbled over the priority of domestic and EU law, the EU threatened to withhold funding to put pressure on Poland. Now it seems to have followed through.And Hungary is also sidelined by the rest of the 25 European countries, it is because of its and China go too close to incur many countries within the eu, to know by Hungary has blocked the eu by marking negative motion, Hungary dealing with rational and pragmatic attitude and China is considered by some European countries as “heterogeneous” instead.It is no surprise that the European Union has decided to expel Poland and Hungary from its “values” agenda, which would not allow such discord to exist.The irony is that western countries, which are good at using “economic coercion” to promote political unity and intolerance, talk about “democracy and freedom” and even label China as “economic coercion”, which is absolutely ridiculous.Recently because of Lithuania flagrantly on “one China, one Taiwan” in the international community, China is to safeguard national sovereignty and decisively to the counter, since the consequences of Lithuania didn’t realize that not only its own problems, but also about was the so-called “economic coercion” from China, and the European countries but also the indiscriminately to come forward to Lithuania backing,Just last week, the EU filed a trade complaint with the WTO over the matter.In all the forces in hard GongHuo, Lithuania internal but there were two different voice, represented by Lithuania’s prime minister, made the government argues that continue to remain tough for China, while in Lithuania opposition “the greens and farmers’ union chairman Raymond,” Karl from Keith represented by a group of politicians want neutral relationship can be repaired.Recently, Karpauskis also volunteered to the Lithuanian government, asking prime Minister Simonit to empower him to negotiate with China to restore bilateral relations., according to a report in the February 18, the web, Carl balls to appointed prime minister Keith 17 monet’s letter said that their voluntary negotiate a solution to the conflict of neutral responsibility, think of the government only need to meet a condition is to change the name of the “representative office in Taiwan”, he said if no one is willing to make a try in state government, you want to get government authorization,To seek a deal with China and correct the Lithuanian government’s previous mistakes.As a matter of fact, at the beginning of the deterioration of the neutral relations, Karpoyskis repeatedly criticized the Lithuanian government’s China policy as “extremely wrong” and “crazy”.That Carl from Keith and volunteered to act as repair the relationship between neutral peace messengers, perhaps this person is really a be able to deal with the relations with China with rational attitude of politicians, but considering the current chaos in the Lithuanian politics, not ruled out the this announcement is a political stunt, only to gain more attention to oneself.But for whatever purpose, is willing to solve the problem by means of negotiations, we are all welcome, China also has repeatedly stressed that the door of communication between neutral never shut down, but all the premise is Lithuania must correct mistakes in time, to the principle of respect for the “one China” the correct track, no longer act as foreign anti-china pawn.In a word, Lithuania must take concrete actions and first shut down the “Taiwan representative Office” to show its sincerity to the Chinese mainland. Otherwise, nothing will be discussed.