A man in Anhui province was in conflict with his wife when his father-in-law threw his son’s mobile phone at him

2022-04-26 0 By

A few days ago, netizens in Hefei, Anhui province shared a touching video.In the video, the netizen’s father-in-law suddenly came to the door and knocked the son’s mobile phone off the sofa without a word after entering the house. In the stunned expression of the son, the father-in-law began to scold the son, saying that he would play with his mobile phone all day long, did not help with housework, did not help with children, and showed no consideration to his daughter-in-law.At the beginning, the man said he helped take care of the children. He also said he was tired of earning money outside and went to pick up his mobile phone.Seeing this, the father-in-law dropped his son’s mobile phone to the ground again, and began to beat him and asked him how much money he earned outside.If he doesn’t stop playing on his phone, he’ll be out of the house.Finally the man did not dare to talk back.According to netizens, she had quarreled with her husband and returned to her parents’ home in anger.Later, although her husband coaxed her to go home, her father-in-law learned about it in the mouth of relatives and came to her to fight injustice.Although she was angry with her husband, her anger dissipated when she saw her father-in-law thinking so much about her.She is very lucky to have such father-in-law, also hope that her husband can repent.”In real life, how many of them are like this? Most of them are helping their son. They say their daughter-in-law is unreasonable.”Look at the old man, alas!Not like ours, who knows how to protect a calf.When his son makes mistakes, he blames his daughter-in-law for not managing the situation well. When the daughter-in-law disciplines his son, he quickly protects his son.””People who work outside always have quiet and independent time of their own. People who take care of children are always 365 days a year, and their ears are always filled with their children’s voices. They can relax when they are physically tired, but they are really tired when they are mentally tired.”What do you think?