From the future to the present?Details of GAC Trumpchi EMKOO are stunning

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, GaC Trumpchi released a set of new car details through official channels, saying that “EMKOO will soon go from concept to mass production”, indicating that the new car will be unveiled soon.From the point of view of detail design, it continues the design concept of “science and technology industrial aesthetics” of EMKOO concept models, with extreme science fiction modeling and full sense of the future, deeply interpreting the beauty of science and technology.The first detailed picture catches the eye. From the exposed logo, it may be the front part of the vehicle, which looks like the helmet part of the combat mecha in a sci-fi movie, highlighting the integration of speed and power, and presumably it will have a bright performance in power and acceleration.Headlamp design details are also preliminary show, rich levels, sharp angles, with sharp modeling “staring at the future”, let a person look unforgettable.From the amazing debut of the concept car to the upcoming arrival of the real car, GAC Trumpchi has really taken the EMKOO headlamp design beyond the circle, and deserves the title of “Light factory” in China.Many other details also use a lot of clever lines, grille design, showing a new evolutionary leap, as if from the future design.Details so far reveal that the new car is very futuristic and technological.Overall, it will be A game-breaker in the A-class SUV market for A new generation of young and personalized users, and we will continue to pay attention to more developments in its follow-up.