How to dress for work in spring?These 3 items are enough to make you look slimmer, taller and brighter

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How to dress for work in spring?I chose these 3 pieces for you, fashionable people are wearing the Spring Festival is not over, there are partners began to worry about “how to wear after the New Year”, in my opinion, after the New Year is not important to wear western style, the important thing is to look thin, because people are always fat three catties during the festival.So, which items are slimming?I’ve chosen these 3 items for you to look slimmer, taller, and more stylish.The soft and skin-friendly fabric of cardigan not only gives the wearer a comfortable wearing experience, but also highlights the unique tenderness of women’s bones.The various styles and colorful colors of cardigans not only provide us with sufficient choice space, but also help us create a variety of styles to wear;Cardigan cardigan design, and easy for us to wear off.Ask: who can resist cardigans?If you’re like me, you can’t resist cardigans, then learn all about cardigans.According to the length of the garment, cardigans can be divided into short and long cardigans. Short cardigans are usually at the hips of the waist, while long cardigans are like this, reaching the knee, which can be worn with pants or skirts.According to color, cardigans are divided into printed and solid colors.Cardigans with printed patterns have a great visual impact, suitable for personality publicity, lively and active sisters to wear;Pure color money knitted cardigan is concise and easy, bring contracted beauty, suit to run 40 run 5 of old age female wear, conduce to them highlight a good temperament.After having a general understanding of cardigan style, we will look at the wearing method of cardigan.The first way to wear is to wear as a coat, and reveal the inner match, one can keep out abdominal fat, two to add a sense of overall wear layers;The second way to wear it is to wear it directly against the body. For this way of wearing it, style choice is very important.The third way to wear it is to wear it inside. It should be noted that if we use this way, we only have black and white colors to choose from, because these two colors are versatile, and it is OK to wear any coat.Cardigans of other colors are not impossible, but, collocation error rate is higher.Plain color shirt With the growth of age, we will be more like plain color shirt, clean and simple color, not only can deduce the fashion and simple beauty, but also can enhance personal taste temperament, like this white shirt, even as an inside wear, also very beautiful, also very temperament.However, it should be noted that the white shirt is not suitable for single wear, single wear, or brown shirt is more beautiful, high saturation, high brightness of brown, not only can improve the overall Look of the eye effect, but also not as bad as the white shirt.Half turtleneck sweater sets elegant feeling and intellectual beauty at a suit of half turtleneck sweater, favored by women, like this white half turtleneck sweater + wide-leg suit pants to wear, I am afraid that no woman does not like.However, this dress to the figure requirements of the higher, only suitable for the sisters with a slender figure to wear.In contrast to the “white turtleneck and wide-leg suit pants” look, this “dark green turtleneck and jeans” look is not bad. It shows youthful energy on a young girl.Wear on the body of older girls, play a good age-reducing effect.About how to wear to work after the New Year, I will introduce here, I hope the three items mentioned above, you can become the most fashionable people in the office.