What’s wrong with a blank man and a blank woman?

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I heard a friend say he broke up with his girlfriend years ago.Break up the reason, is the girl concealed the past painstakingly.On New Year’s Eve, he had planned to visit his future in-laws.He started researching gifts more than a month in advance.It is to find a variety of mother-in-law questions model.To keep up appearances, she had her hair done.I heard that my father-in-law loved drinking two glasses, and practiced drinking every night.Not much, but a lot better than before.Fully prepared and nervous, he went to her house.The atmosphere had been very harmonious, but the girl’s parents brought up their daughter’s love history.Said to be excited, also mentioned to the daughter before a paragraph of cohabitation history.His face changed at this.In her mind, her girlfriend is a traditional and conservative girl.Two people together for half a year, has not carried out to the last step.He has been taking his girlfriend as a marriage object, take everything.On top of that, he had zero love experience and had never had sex with a girl.At the age of marriage, men and women are still a blank sheet of paper.After the meal he fought back his anger.He called his girlfriend outside and asked her about her past.Girlfriend see paper bag not fire, and he confessed to the previous association experience.He said he was young and ignorant, thinking that he would get married with his ex-boyfriend, so he moved in together.I didn’t mention it because I was afraid my friends would mind.Her words were totally unacceptable to her friend, who had been together for so long.More than once, he stressed his love and marriage views with his girlfriend.Mo said that cohabitation with the ex, is premarital sex, he accepted incompetent.His girlfriend knew he had spiritual cleanliness, but also put on a pair of pure appearance.Although contemporary people’s view of marriage is more and more open, most people do not mind these things.Can be strict with himself he has been this point as his bottom line.He looked traditional and conservative, not at all like a man of his time.He did it himself, so he didn’t want to lower his standards for his mate because of secular ideas.After that dinner, he broke up with his girlfriend.Simply refuse, there is no room for turning around.After the breakup, he was sad himself.People around him are telling him to lighten up.What age, why still adhere to the old generation that set.Nowadays, when men and women are in love, there are a few who still care about chastity.Some female friends were upset about it. How could you, a big man, care about such a thing?Do you have any idea how disrespectful your views are to women?It’s just living with someone else for a while. Big deal.To find a wife by your standards, you’d have to go to a temple to find a nun.Even the girlfriend he dumped called to confront him.You’re breaking up with me because of my past.You don’t even like me. You’re just looking for an excuse to get rid of me, are you?In the face of the public voice, he still original intention does not change.He replied coldly to his ex-girlfriend, who are you to question me?You want to blame the guy who lived with you and didn’t marry you.I’m just asking my partner for what I’m capable of.Now you can find a man who doesn’t mind.My bottom line is so high, don’t want to settle for anyone.If I did not know that he is still a blank SLATE.Like most people, I would tell him to lighten up.But when I thought of him as a strict monk, I felt there was nothing wrong with him.As he said, it varies from person to person.Some mind looks, some mind character, and some mind conditions.He has clearly expressed his love view in love, without any deception.She tried to get away with it, but he took him so seriously.People are white paper, of course, can confidently go to find white paper.Just because you are not white paper, you should not ridicule others for being feudal and conservative.Oneself can not do things, others do, is it the fault of others?Marriage is a two-way choice, no matter because of what stepped on the other half of the red line, are not qualified to ask others to understand.White male to white female, is the real spring met snow.How ironic that a bunch of mediocritists who have been wallow in the muddle for a long time are blaming them.Some people just live to be flawless jade, so they have to find another perfect piece.The flawed jade is also beautiful, but after all, it does not attract people’s eyes.