Both for $100 million and both for wins, the pressure is on the Lakers

2022-04-27 0 By

The Nets, who played with a new lineup against the Sacramento Kings, ended an 11-game losing streak with the help of two new players.The Nets were expected to bid farewell to Harden with a 13-game losing streak.Seth Curry finished with 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists, an impressive 10-of-18 shooting efficiency.I was a little worried about Steph’s defense, but after seeing his efficient offense, maybe the defense is not a problem, so it will take the shine off Mills, play more and wait for Durant and others to return, steph’s offense will be more comfortable.The nets’ other new kid, Jon, finished with 11 points, nine rebounds and four assists, which wasn’t impressive for him, but considering he played only 24 minutes and controlled Samasa well, maybe he’ll have better days to come.The Nets didn’t have any of their new big three, which would have given the Kings a $100 million roster, but the Kings still didn’t win, which was undeserved.Talk about a $100 million roster, and the Clippers did it.The Clippers managed to beat the second-best warriors in the Western Conference with a full cast without Kawhi Leonard, Chris George and Colin Powell, and most of the warriors’ core was there except for Draymond Green.That’s what happened when the Warriors lost by 15 points to the Reggie clippers, and tyronn Lue had something to do with it.It shouldn’t be an accident that Lebron was able to beat the Warriors in the Finals.The Clippers and Nets both have great rosters, but both have struggled recently, but with a $100 million roster, these two teams are still able to win, which is a bit of a blow to the Lakers.Pressure to the lakers now, looking at somebody else’s two teams now atmosphere is very good, at least very unity, but the lakers squad and some intrigue, what person all can come out even accused wei, this somewhat against the whole team the confidence, if consider to win, be inferior to emulate the nets and the clippers, also let the opponent a squad,Let’s see what happens after that.If the lakers let the big three, vogel won’t first, for transfers-will after evaluation of the defensive coach, always thought this season because he didn’t hand the present situation of talent caused, but also doesn’t know what to call somebody, have to let the Leonard and George a comeback, joining the lakers can be call someone.If the coach can’t do it, then it’s not good to blame the players.