Long-term cough old bad, pat CT saying is everything normal, how is this to return a responsibility?

2022-04-27 0 By

Yesterday received a netizen’s message, asked me: long-term cough old bad, take CT said that everything is normal, how is this going on?If this is the case with you on screen, I suggest you take a closer look.As described in this patient, is more common in our clinic, a lot of people of chest CT results showed normal, but the symptoms of cough really exists, that is mostly because the presence of high response of the airway, therefore, when receiving some external stimulation, there will be a cough, such as the cold air suction, file excitant odour.The most common disease, cough variant asthma, in addition to the above characteristics, there are dry cough, more at night or early morning manifestations.In addition, diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux and cardiac insufficiency can also lead to the occurrence of this situation, so it is necessary to make a case-by-case analysis.I am Su Huiping, a doctor in the department of respiratory Medicine. If you have a similar situation, please leave a message to me. I will spare time to answer and give guidance.