Redmi K50 Champion edition increased by 1000 yuan?The new phone sells 80,000 units a minute. The high-end is really there

2022-04-27 0 By

Redmi K50 e-sports version, worthy of the king of cost performance, sales show everything, open after sale seconds, sales directly broke through 280 million yuan, if converted, equal to a minute to sell 80,000 units.In particular, the Redmi K50 Champion customized edition, due to the Redmi K50 Champion edition limited to 10,000 units, demand exceeds supply, for both rice fans, but also sports car fans, is really worth buying.So in a second-hand market once increased the price to nearly 1000 yuan, and the new iPhone13 series, unexpectedly still very popular demand, really surprising.More and more people have given a high degree of recognition of the domestic machine, the first sales result is enough to convince people, because this mobile phone has a lot of self-research black technology support, this year K50 e-sports version should become the king of flagship cost performance.After Xiaomi set out its goal to become the world’s first smartphone brand in three years, the Redmi K50 esports release also lets Apple see the strength of domestic brands.This phone focuses on game performance, integrates supercar elements and looks high-end, creating the coldest Snapdragon 8 phone in the industry. With the help of dual VC heat dissipation, the heat control is in place, which is enough to suppress the high power consumption caused by high performance and release the full strength of snapdragon 8 chip.Play a week of games are addicted to, is certainly the next period of time of the main machine, we must start to experience.Under the premise of the heavy pile, it started at 3299, leaving little room for competing products, including apple’S iPhone.Apple faces a bigger challenge, and Cook thinks it will be harder for the company to dominate the Chinese market.