Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, this “3 rules 6 taboo” you know how many?Honor old traditions, and less bad luck in the New Year

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“Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze send warmth into Tu Su,” is finally about to usher in the important moment of farewell to the old and usher in the New Year, the whole Month of the busy is for this moment, this year there is no month 30, so New Year’s Eve in the 29th day of the twelfth month.New Year’s Eve, also known as “New Year’s Eve” “New Year’s Eve”, in addition to the removal of the meaning, xi refers to the night, so New Year’s Eve is the last day of the end of the year night, and the New Year end to end, there is a “poor old month to do, get nearly late” meaning, old so far in addition, another New Year.On this day, regardless of the wanderer in the outside, or the status of the people, have to go back home and family reunion, together to stay up and ring in the New Year, to meet the New Year.New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year, is an important day to say goodbye to the old and usher in the new, since ancient times there have been a lot of custom pay attention to, but with the loss of years, some rules taboo has been forgotten, tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, this “3 rules 6 taboo” you know how many?Honor old traditions, and less bad luck in the New Year.3 rules 1. The bath is New Year’s eve family reunion for ancestor worship, ancestor worship is important, and ching Ming festival, in July and a half, the double ninth festival are all traditional Chinese ancestor worship large sections, in the day of ancestor worship is more exquisite, more serious, because this day ancestor worship and family reunion dinner was conducted at the same time, are generally well family reunion dinner, ancestor worship to eat.Eve is the last meal of the year, which is the most important meal, every family can do in a big big dinner table, food more abundant implication life more beautiful, so I usually do on a dozen dishes, as after a big table with hard to avoid has a lot of oily be soiled and frying, don’t clean is not suitable for ancestor worship, seemed sincere enough,Therefore, after finishing the New Year’s Eve dinner, they can worship their ancestors after taking a bath. Even if they do not participate in the cooking, they should wash their hands and wipe their faces before worshipping their ancestors. It is also a kind of awe to worship their ancestors in a clean and tidy image.There are many customs on The New Year’s Eve, among which the most important activity is welcoming the new and receiving the blessings. It is also known as “receiving the Spring” in folk, which indicates the official start of the Spring Festival.Generally, after offering sacrifices to ancestors, eating the New Year’s Eve dinner, and giving good incense to the kitchen God and door god, the family sits together to eat melon seeds and watch the Spring Festival Gala waiting for the New Year’s bell to ring.When the first bell of the New Year rings, every family will set off fireworks and firecrackers. At this time, the whole world rejoicates, and the climax of the New Year begins at this point, sending off the old year and ushering in the New Year.On New Year’s Eve, no matter how much money others owe you, you can’t come to the door to debt, otherwise it will affect the year’s fortune.Our traditional etiquette is big, pay attention to is set in place and forgive people, New Year’s eve to this day, families are busy with the new, send you New Year’s blessing, pray for the coming year, then go to the door to debt is difficult for others, others will not give you face, oneself also easy to jinx things, so this day as usual is not the door to debt, debt also have to wait after years later.6 taboo 1. Avoid couplet posted against everyone know couplet is made up, top allied, bottom allied, horizontal batch generally horizontal batch not mistaken, and affix, bottom allied is easy to stick the, now many young people don’t even know ShangXiaLian also points or so, if the stick against will not only be a joke, is not the heart, how can receive good luck?The correct couplet sticking method is the upper couplet sticking right, the lower couplet sticking left, so how to distinguish the upper couplet or the lower couplet?There are two methods: (1) to see whether the last word of the couplet is a level tone or a oblique tone. Generally, one and two tones are a level tone, the third and fourth tones are a oblique tone, the last word is a oblique tone is the upper tone (paste to the right), and the last word is a level tone is the lower tone (paste to the left).(2) Look at the cause and effect, generally, the top line is “cause”, the bottom line is the fruit, for example, the top line has “one yuan beginning”, the bottom line has “vientiane renewal”, one yuan beginning is “cause”, only then there is “vientiane renewal” the fruit.2. Eat dinner cream to a string of New Year’s eve every family can eat meal, is also a family reunion at this moment, the ancestors of the first important moment, particularly taboo others house, because this kind of behavior is called the people “on the meal”, the beginning of the New Year ceremony is not smooth, then also not suitable, so don’t bother to see someone’s home New Year’s eve to eat meal.On New Year’s Eve, we are looking forward to family reunion and happy New Year. On this day, if there are unpleasant things happening with others, don’t quarrel and say some unlucky words, so as not to destroy the mood and affect the fortune of the year. We should understand each other and take a step back.On this day, if children are naughty, they can not be beaten or scolded. They should be patient to persuade and guide them. In the New Year, of course, they hope that children are more and more good and more and more intelligent.4. Avoid garbage is also the beginning of the New Year, New Year’s eve when eaten after the meal, can’t again, pigwash to pour out the trash in the home, the traditional theory is that the rubbish, pigwash is to receive the “blessing” and “wealth”, garbage is gathering good money, so not to waste, New Year’s eve has always had to wait for the fifth time to pour.5 avoid breaking things broken things even how to splice can not be restored to the original, there will always be broken, so in the traditional festival is the most taboo is to break things, breaking things is “broken luck”, is very unlucky things.If you break something by accident, the traditional way to dissolve it is to wrap the pieces in red paper or cloth and say auspicious words such as “Peace for all year round” and “prosperity in flowers”.On New Year’s Eve, the old tradition is to “shou Sui”, and shou Sui should be brightly lit, indicating a prosperous New Year.In ancient legend, New Year’s Eve New Year beast will come out to harm the people, but the beast is afraid of fire and firecrackers, so the night of New Year’s Eve people will point the whole night, so the beast dare not come, safely spend New Year’s Eve, so the meaning of New Year’s Eve lights is also to drive away “evil plague disease”, hope that the next year will be smooth.Ink discourse on New Year’s eve is the last day of the end, also is the day of the beginning of the New Year, is more old hand, contained off in the past, to meet the moral of the New Year, so many custom taboo, these traditional customs and culture contains the wisdom of the ancients, and the sound of beautiful wish, but also form a “hit” important factors, so if you have time,Tell the children about these traditional culture, more to complete these customs activities, so that the traditional culture better inherit, so that the Chinese New Year more “New Year flavor”.The above is my share today, you also know what rules and taboos on New Year’s Eve, welcome to share in the comments section, let’s learn more about traditional national culture.