After only 16 games together, never making the Finals, the Nets are about to disintegrate?

2022-04-28 0 By

The Lakers and Nets, two of the favorites to win this season, are in such bad shape that they’re not even close to winning the NBA championship, and could even fail to make the playoffs, or fall apart.The Lakers and Nets both have a big three and do face the possibility of a breakup, but the lakers are not likely to break up because westbrook’s contract is so large that no team is willing to take over, so the Lakers could not trade westbrook even if they wanted to.But on the Nets’ side, if they decide to make a trade, they can easily do it.Before the trade deadline, there was a lot of speculation about the Nets, mostly harden.The Nets have been terrible lately after Durant’s injury, suffering a season-long six-game losing streak. Even the Lakers’ longest losing streak of the season is just five.A loss to Utah today would have put the Nets on a seven-game losing streak.Harden had a terrible game against the Kings, scoring just four points in 37 minutes, the lowest in his career in a game over 30 minutes, partly because of injuries and partly because of his mentality.With the Nets down to sixth in the Eastern Conference and likely to fall further, harden could be ready to leave.Harden left the Rockets to join the Nets to win a championship, and that’s not going to happen now.Indeed, the Nets’ big Three hasn’t lived up to expectations since they were formed. Not only have they never made it to the Finals, they’ve only played 16 games together.Of course, this is mainly due to injuries.But this season, Irving missed the first half of the season because of a missed shot, and now he’s playing only on the road, and with Durant in the lineup, harden has a lot on his shoulders.Harden could leave the Nets and join the 76ers for a championship, joining Embiid as a contender.The Sixers could trade Simmons for Harden and the Nets wouldn’t lose too much.Harden could have joined the 76ers before he joined the Nets, but the 76ers didn’t get harden because they didn’t want Simmons.The Sixers wouldn’t hesitate to trade Simmons for Harden if they could do it now, and they’ve been waiting for that day to come.