District leaders held special meetings to study and plan epidemic prevention and control work

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On the afternoon of March 23, Yangpu District held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the relevant working meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, study and solve the current problems, and make arrangements for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the near future.District party secretary Xie Jiangang presided over the meeting and speech.Xue Kan, deputy Secretary and Head of the District Party Committee, attended the meeting and put forward requirements for coordinating epidemic prevention and control and the supply of main and non-staple food in wholesale markets.Zhou Haiying, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, made arrangements for epidemic prevention and control in key places.According to the meeting, the government should continue to provide services for people’s livelihood at relevant points, ensure basic living supplies and epidemic prevention materials, and open special channels.It is necessary to carry out scientific and precise tracing, transport and isolation of relevant personnel, and resolutely stop the transmission chain of the epidemic.We should properly set up nucleic acid testing sites, strengthen the effective connection between all links, optimize the personnel allocation, and make up for weaknesses in all areas.Seize the time, the hidden trouble, put more effort in gleaning, stop up the leaks in the meeting stressed that to be awake to recognize the complexity of the current epidemic situation, severity and uncertainty, firmly rejected blind optimism, highly strained, relevant departments and street to form resultant force, in the most severe measures, the most real attitude, the fastest speed, to carry out the whole process, the whole chain,To identify problems, plug loopholes and eliminate risks, and ensure that every requirement and standard for epidemic prevention and control is implemented.As required by the meeting, it is necessary to give full play to the role of party organizations and floor leaders in residential areas, remind residents to protect themselves, avoid moving when necessary, advocate working from home, and guide residents not to spread rumors, believe or spread rumors.Strengthen organizational leadership, continue to assist local departments, implement the grid screening requirements of “not missing a household, not missing a person”, reduce the number of people in residential areas, and strengthen social contact prevention and control.With the concept of overall planning, systematic thinking, optimization of prevention and control strategies, precise plan meeting requirements, to coordinate the current market, vegetable farms and other key places of epidemic prevention and supply protection work.In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on people’s basic lives, it is necessary to take a holistic approach and take targeted measures on the basis of unswerving efforts to prevent and control the epidemic.We need to make overall plans for nucleic acid screening in key industries, regions and populations.It is important to adopt the highest working standards, clarify priorities, enhance monitoring sensitivity and analysis and early warning capabilities, and “screen out” risks and “check out” peace of mind.District leaders Ni Bing, Xu Jianhua, Lu Gang, Shi Fang, Wang Hao, Qi Keping, Wu Lei attended the meeting.The meeting will be held by video.Text: Cheng Jiajia Photo: Zhu Liangcheng Editor: Cao Jun * Reprinted please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat