Too beautiful!The Silk Road Spring Festival Gala is on Chinese Arab TV, and it has been a hit in Arab countries

2022-04-28 0 By

At 20:00 (Dubai time) on the 15th day of the Lantern Festival, the Arabic version of the Silk Road Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast to audiences in all Arab countries after being carefully translated by the Arabic Translation Center of Arab TV.The new China Spring Festival Gala, featuring innovative elements and new traditional charm, attracted countless fans instantly.Overseas social media comments the “silk road gala broadcast in Arab countries and regions, also marks the guided by shaanxi bureau of radio and television, radio and television media group, shaanxi shaanxi co-produced china-arab TV station and the united Arab emirates (uae) large international spread of humanities program formally launched” audio-visual time in shaanxi province, China “.Over 2,000 years ago, our ancestors, with a simple desire for friendly exchanges, opened up the ancient Silk Road and ushered in a great era of exchanges in the history of human civilization.Generation after generation, silk Road people have built a bond of east-West cooperation and a bridge of peace.Shaanxi is China’s open to new heights, cultural enrichment, film and television to gather, the birthplace of the silk road, the united Arab emirates (uae) is an important window for opening to the outside world communication Arab countries, as registered in the united Arab emirates (uae) satellite television station, china-arab TV coverage 22 Arab countries and the area of nearly 500 million population, widespread in the Arab world.”Audio-visual time in shaanxi province, China”, will be sent to you by dubbing, in form, china-arab satellite television broadcasting in the united Arab emirates (uae) China shaanxi characteristics of outstanding film and television play, documentary, animation, told the Arab audience good shanxi culture, food, travel, full of local characteristics of the Chinese story, spread the latest, most beautiful, the best shaanxi, credible, lovely, respectable Chinese image.The cooperation between Shaanxi Broadcasting And Rong Media Group and UAE Arab SATELLITE TV will always uphold its unique advantages in location and resources, continue to promote Chinese audio-visual works to Arab countries, and promote mutual learning between Chinese and Arab civilizations, the beauty of each other, the beauty of the United States and the world.