Carry out the “Seven Actions” of district Committee with “Seven Gathering Forces”

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At the beginning of the New Year, the District Audit Bureau thoroughly implemented the “Seven Actions” series of work deployment of the District Committee, organized cadres and staff to carry out the 2022 annual audit project business training, and enhanced the “tiger” force by charging and conserving energy, mobilized cadres to focus on the “economic physical examination”, and acted as “escort”.With high quality audit supervision service Huangpi economy and society high quality leapfrog development.Huangpi District Audit Bureau held the 2022 annual audit project business training meeting to focus on the implementation of major policies.Closely follow the “seven actions” target tasks of the district Committee, make good audit project plans, and serve as a good adviser and assistant of the Party committee and government.Focus on the efficient use of fiscal funds.We will focus on the real and legitimate benefits of fiscal revenues and expenditures, the progress of project construction and the efficiency of its use, and ensure that the government pays attention to the efficiency of its spending and holds the ineffective accountable. We will be a loyal guardian of financial discipline.We will focus on advancing reforms in key areas.We will make suggestions for deepening supply-side structural reform, reform of state-owned assets and soes, and reform to delegate power, improve regulation, and improve services. We will conduct audits in an inclusive and prudent manner, and encourage accountability.Focus on ensuring and improving people’s wellbeing.We will focus on assistance and subsidies for people in need, employment subsidies, unemployment insurance funds, the living environment, and high-standard farmland. We will ensure that every penny is used to ensure people’s wellbeing.Focus on the benefits of public project investment.To carry out follow-up audits on major projects involving large investment in housing and security, ecological civilization, infrastructure, social undertakings and public health, promote the smooth implementation of major public works construction, and improve the level and performance of government investment management.We will standardize the exercise of power with focus and force.We will focus on key areas, strengthen auditing of economic responsibility and natural resources and assets, and encourage leading officials to fulfill their duties, fulfill their responsibilities, exercise their power honestly, and perform their duties cleanly.Focus and Focus audit rectification has been implemented.We will establish and improve a long-term mechanism for auditing and rectifying audit and reform, take integrated steps to uncover problems, standardize management, and promote reform. We will address both the symptoms and root causes of problems, ensure that responsibility for rectification is met, problems rectified, and audit results are applied, and do a good job in the “second half” of auditing and rectifying audit and rectifying audit and rectifying audit.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: