Chongqing Fuling mustard is not hot?The boss bought high and sold low, so the price of vegetables plunged 40 cents

2022-04-29 0 By

Earlier, a box of Fuling zhicai priced at 1,521 yuan became a hot search topic, with more than 3 million views on the topic.Is Fuling zhacai really worth that much?Would anyone really buy such an expensive pickle?It triggered a heated discussion among netizens.According to the official response, the “sky-high” zhucai is made from CAI Xin, which is handmade and takes a different time to ferment than normal zhucai.Still, Ai ruijun doesn’t think it’s necessary to buy such expensive pickled mustard. If you need it as a gift, you can consider it.Take Wujiang pickled mustard as an example. Normally, a pack of 70g pickled mustard costs 3 yuan, but this 900g box is 40 times the price, so it is also called “sky-high” pickled mustard by netizens.Fuling Zhacai reached an unprecedented peak in 2021. It not only gained popularity in China and became a well-deserved national pickle, but also went international, with global sales exceeding 15 billion packages.As a result, the price of CAI tou (the raw material used to make pickled mustard) in 2021 has also reached a record high. Ai Ruijun collected data from several districts and counties in Chongqing, and the price of CAI tou is almost 60 to 80 jiao, which has at least doubled from previous years.Now the controversy has passed, and in the spring of 2022, the actual situation of Fuling Zhacai is not optimistic, the price of vegetable head plummets, and farmers have lost their smiles.Ai Ruijun came to chongqing Fuling district of a vegetable plant, the vegetable boss revealed that last year pickle fire so he received a lot of vegetables at a high price, other food boss and he is the same idea, the result of the last vegetables unsalable, can only be disposed of at a low price, really is a loss.Nearby farmers sell their vegetables to the owner, and tricycles line up outside to be weighed, registered, and billed.According to Ai Ruijun, the price of heads of vegetables here is 40 cents, which can be described as a slump in comparison. So when Ai Ruijun asked about the price of heads of vegetables, farmers were a little helpless, saying that they had not expected such a drop.I have to say that the market changes so quickly that no one can predict what the next year will be like.In just one year, the price of vegetable head changes so much, is it because Fuling zhacai is not hot?Relevant data show that from 2020 to now, Fuling Zhacai’s stock has shown a trend of “first increase, then decline and then rise”, but compared with the highest stock price of 56.24 yuan in 2020, by February 18, 2022, the highest stock price in 2022 is only 39.66 yuan, which is surprising.What do you think of the plummeting price of vegetable head?Fuling mustard can continue to fire?Welcome to comment.