Heilongjiang province’s first residential property service standards formally implemented

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“At 1 yuan per square meter and 0.5 yuan per square meter, what’s the difference in the service we enjoy?”Property service standards and fees have always been a controversial topic between residential residents and property in Heilongjiang Province.On March 23, the reporter learned from the Housing and Construction Department of Heilongjiang Province that the “Housing Property Service Standard of Heilongjiang Province” (referred to as the “code”) officially began to be implemented on March 10. The “code” is the recommended local standard of Heilongjiang Province and the first property service standard of Heilongjiang Province.In the future, Heilongjiang Province will carry out the property “quality and price match” service, providing service content and payment according to grade, to avoid disputes between property and owners.Property contract to record charging items and standards to be published according to the introduction, the “norms” is under the guidance of the provincial housing and construction department, by the provincial property management association in conjunction with relevant units and experts in heilongjiang province real estate industry preparation.There are 11 chapters, which mainly clarify the general general standards and specifications for the recommended implementation of the service and management of property enterprises.As stipulated in the Code, the property service provider shall sign a written contract (including the early-stage property service contract),The contents of the contract generally includes the costs of service items, service quality, service standards and methods for the building and affiliated facilities thereof, the maintenance funds (hereinafter referred to as the maintenance funds) use, management and use of the service rooms, service time, service delivery, ways to settle disputes, both parties for breach of contract, terminate the contract conditions and other similar terms.The property service person shall timely record the contract with the relevant departments according to law and regulations.In addition, the property service provider should be publicized in a prominent position in the property management area according to laws and regulations, the business license of the property service provider, property service matters and quality requirements, charging items, standards and methods, etc.The basic information and contact information of the person in charge of the property project, as well as the complaint telephone number of the property service;Performance of property service contract and income and expenditure of property service project;The use of shared parts of the property, shared facilities and equipment operating conditions and income and expenditure.Property services for owners from low to high Five grades The Code divides the property services into five grades from low to high, corresponding to different service content and service standards.According to the level of service for owners, the service content is divided into five aspects: reception for owners, service quality management, acceptance of complaints, acceptance of repair reports and community cultural activities.In terms of owner reception, the first and second level service standard is to provide owner reception service for at least 8 hours per day.The service standard of level four and five is to configure a full-time receptionist.Provide not less than 24 hours of owner reception daily.Provide butler service personnel according to the number of owners and users in the property management area.In terms of complaint handling, the first-level service standard is: for complaints caused by property services, solutions will be provided within 24 hours;Due to the project left over problems caused by complaints, 48 hours to give a reply;Manage complaints arising from outside the area and inform owners and related parties according to the contract.The return rate of complaints caused by property service should not be less than 60%.For grade 5 service standard, complaints caused by property service will be solved within 6 hours;Due to the project left over problems caused by complaints, 48 hours to give a reply;Manage complaints arising from outside the area and inform owners and related parties according to the contract.The return rate of complaints caused by property service should not be less than 100%.In terms of repair report, first-level service, general maintenance by appointment, within 3 days to complete, 24 hours after the completion of maintenance to return visit.For grade four or five services, general maintenance completed on the same day, a pass rate of not less than 98%.Return visit 12 hours after completion of maintenance.In addition, for level 5 services, a thematic environment is required in the property management area during statutory and traditional festivals.Carry out more than 6 community cultural activities of a certain scale every year.Clean a few times a day Clear ice service what degree of greening services are born qing qing snow order according to the standard for service in addition to the “code for the owner to service standards, also elaborated the common parts and common facilities facilities services, order maintenance services, cleaning and hygiene services, green management, clear snow service property service level standard, make property service are standard.Among them, the property of the main body of the house and the parts involved in the use of safety to do a comprehensive safety inspection, complete records and determine the focus of maintenance work.The indoor and outdoor cameras are firmly installed and properly connected. The surveillance video images are complete and clear, and the storage life is not less than 30 days.In terms of patrol and inspection, it is basically guaranteed to conduct no less than one daily daytime inspection in the property management area according to the specified route and time.Level 5 service shall inspect the property management area not less than 5 times in the daytime and not less than 5 times at night according to the specified route and time, and have inspection records;If any abnormality is found during the inspection, relevant departments shall be notified immediately and necessary measures shall be taken at the spot.In terms of snow and ice removal, the first, second and third level services, “as soon as it falls”, snow more than 12 hours, must immediately start the snow removal work.24 hours for light snow, 48 hours for moderate snow and 72 hours for heavy snow after the snow stops.If ice accumulates on road surface, warning signs should be set up and clear within 12 hours.Corridor sweep several times, handrail wipe…For daily cleaning, grade 5 service requires that the proportion of cleaning personnel under 60 years old is more than 70%.The corridor, vestibule and stairs should be cleaned once a day and dragged once a day.Stair handrails are cleaned once a day, window sills, fire doors, fire hydrants, signs and window railings are cleaned twice a week.Ceiling, public lamps and lanterns, wall and baseboard should be cleaned once a month.All Windows and doors in the building shall be cleaned 12 times a year (from May to October).The elevator car should be cleaned at least twice a day.After implementing new realty service contract according to the grades of standards to choose realty service interview, the relevant person in charge of experts eventually said, the implementation of the “specification”, marks the realty service hierarchy in heilongjiang province have a clear technical guidance standard, to establish a standardized mechanism of property service charges, guiding property enterprises to carry out the standardized services, reduce property service dispute,It is of great significance to promote the healthy and orderly development of property service market.After the implementation of the Code, the property management department will guide the development and construction units, property enterprises and owners to reasonably select the level of service standards when signing a new property service contract, and the property enterprises will comply with the corresponding implementation.It advocates the market competition concept of “competitive price, competitive service” among property enterprises, and guides enterprises and owners to establish the concept of “equal value and compensation”, “high quality and competitive price”, and “quality and price match” in property service consumption, so as to effectively promote the healthy and orderly market order of property service.Source: Palm forest city editor: Bai Hui first instance: Hu Fengchen second instance: Fang Shuang third instance: Zhang Qiang