Is long-distance running not suitable for primary school students?Or what is your child missing out on

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Of the 42 top scorers in 2017, 24 are sports enthusiasts, while of the 63 top scorers in 2016, 34 are sports enthusiasts.Some parents face the gap between their children’s grades and those of their classmates in primary school, and blame it on their lack of effort, or even that they are “not the material for reading”. However, they seldom think of the lack of physical exercise.Brain scientists put forward from the perspective of brain development that the body produces positive factors in constant exercise.The hippocampus is constantly renewing brain cells, and the prefrontal cortex is actively changing to improve memory and concentration. Exercise has a positive effect on self-control and willpower.Exercise can strengthen the brain most, because exercise can promote many neurotic vitality in the brain, so that the brain’s thinking and response more active, agile.At the same time, exercise can improve heart function, speed up blood circulation, so that the brain enjoys more oxygen and nutrients.The fitness movement that increases oxygen all has healthy brain function, especially jumping movement, can provide enough energy to the brain, skipping rope, kicking feather, jumping rubber band, dancing and so on can be said to be the best.Children are also suitable for long-distance running exercise Japanese famous physiologist Shi He Li Kuan professor has carried out physiological medical observation of children long-distance running, found that after a year of long-distance running training children, the body development is normal, height, weight increase and some higher than the average children.In China, children have also been observed to run 10,000 meters of physiological response, no abnormal findings.Coincidentally, some experts at home and abroad advocate that general endurance training is the basis of children’s training.In terms of heart function, which is most closely related to long distance running, the absolute value of each index of children’s heart is lower than that of adults, but the output of each beat is no less than that of adults when calculated by weight of 1 kg. Children’s hearts have the ability to bear a certain load.In addition to school sports exercise, children at home on weekends or holidays exercise should pay attention to what?It is often said that the most important part of the day is in the morning, so many people exercise in the morning.In fact, it may not be the right time to train.The air quality is not good because of the reverse flow of carbon dioxide from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m.Morning human blood viscosity is higher, especially those who suffer from high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, morning exercise is very bad for the body.”So people who exercise in the morning, in addition to time control, drink a glass of water before exercise to dilute the blood and reduce the viscosity.The traditional idea is to take a nap after lunch.In fact, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., the human body can peak exercise capacity.This is the best time to train with plenty of sunshine, moderate temperatures and low winds.”Exercise is recommended within an hour of lunch.Otherwise, it will affect the digestive function of the stomach and intestines.”With the goal of losing weight, it is better to exercise in the evening.Exercising at night helps you digest food faster, so you don’t store fat in your body.However, the nervous system is excited regardless of intensity, so sleep about an hour after exercise.Elementary school is the time for physical exercise loving parents don’t want their children to lose out to the starting line.In fact, the real starting line is healthy, is the movement.Without health, life is not good, the road of life is difficult.Exercise is the passport to good health.In addition, people who like to exercise are optimistic, even if the sky is falling. In fact, this comes from the good psychological state formed after long-term training and competition, which is a powerful source of motivation for many people to finish their career.