Japan using rail guns against Russia and China, USA: No you can’t

2022-04-30 0 By

Japanese media have previously revealed that the defence ministry plans to spend heavily on developing an electromagnetic railgun to intercept Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles.Unexpectedly, it was the United States that said no this time.The U.S. newspaper Stars and Stripes reported Thursday that Japanese media reported that the Defense Ministry plans to allocate $56 million to research the electromagnetic railgun project.The current Japanese-built railgun prototype can fire a high-speed projectile at about Mach 6.Japan says it will use the railgun, which costs far less than a missile and has a longer range than its current SDF missiles, to intercept Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles in the future.Japanese officials also said, “The railgun can fly at hypersonic speeds to counter hypersonic missiles;We hope it will be an effective air defense technology. “Although projectiles fired by railguns cannot be guided like missiles, the weapons can be fired in rapid succession.Railguns also have the advantage of firing projectiles that are cheap, small and difficult to detect, the official said.Japan has reportedly been working on an electromagnetic railgun since 2016, and has continued to improve the projectile’s firing speed and develop materials that can conduct the required strong electric currents.In FISCAL year 2022, Japanese researchers will develop technology to stabilize projectile flight and automatic firing.Japanese officials say electromagnetic railgun research is planned to continue until 2028.However, The president of the MISSILE Defense Advocacy Coalition, Ricky Ellison, said power consumption, maneuverability and cooling are major challenges in developing such a future weapon, the report said.”Even we [the US] haven’t fully developed and proven it can be deployed.”The NAVY abandoned the railgun project last summer after spending 10 years and $500 million on it.Brayden Allenby, a professor of engineering at Arizona State University, also said railguns are far less sophisticated than missiles, and U.S. defense contractors are happy with their performance.Railguns may at some point provide more effective firepower for less money than missiles, but that day is far from here.