Small businesses unleash big energy

2022-04-30 0 By

The reporter learned from the district Economic and Information Bureau that in recent years, the district has focused on the “1+3” pillar industry of manufacturing industry, combined the training of excellent small and medium-sized enterprises with stronger industries, increased policy support, enhanced enterprise innovation strength, and made every effort to create a group of specialized and special new enterprises.Up to now, it has created 2 state-level specialized special new “little Giant” enterprises and 43 provincial-level specialized special new small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of provincial-level enterprises first in the city.Zhejiang Dongjin New Material Co., LTD., located in Ma ‘an Street, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of outdoor functional clothing fabrics, focusing on creating a complete textile fabric industry chain of raw materials (chemical fiber), weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing (composite).The company cooperates with international first-line sports brands all the year round, and its characteristic waterproof and moisture permeable functional fabrics have water-proof, hydrostatic pressure resistance, windproof and moisture permeable functions, which are favored by the market.Talking about his own magic weapon, the relevant person in charge of “east new material” said that can both at home and abroad well-known sports brand “marriage”, because companies always focus on niche, dare to put into research and development and technological upgrading, through measures such as actively introduce international advanced instruments and facilities, implements the big breakthrough in the field of textile new material research.New materials in recent years, the “eastward” not only successfully created province high and new technology enterprise r&d center, issued the waterproof moisture permeable synthetic fiber composite fabrics, such as clothing with “made in zhejiang” standard, won the “zhejiang manufacturing” certification, has selected the manufacturing single champion cultivating enterprise at the provincial level, national second batch of specialization, the new list of the “little giant” enterprises.At present, has been successfully listed in zhejiang Equity exchange center innovation board.The successful practice of “Dongjin New material” is an epitome of our district’s efforts to cultivate and develop specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises.In the face of the new development situation, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises in our district choose to take the initiative to “change the array” and actively explore the new development path of specialization in line with their own development. By seizing the opportunities of digital reform, they break through core technologies and improve product quality and occupy a place in the fierce market competition.The next stage, the development zone will further implementation of the “death”, “1 + 3” focus on manufacturing core backbone industries industry chain link, strengthen service guidance, strengthening elements, strive to cultivate a batch of state-level “single champion” enterprises (products) and the “little giant” enterprises, in order to promote KeQiao manufacturing high quality development inject more energy.(Yu Liquan, all-media reporter)