Legend of Zhen Huan: Zhen Will never understand until her death that Zhen Yuao is the one who wins

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Legend of Zhen Huan is worthy of being the originator of palace fights. It has been aired for more than a decade, but it is still popular and never gets tired of watching.When I brush the Legend of Zhen Huan again, I not only sigh deeply for the beauties in the play, but also sigh deeply when I enter the palace gate, which is as deep as the sea. From then on, Xiao Lang is a passer-by.It’s a group of women who cheat and hurt each other for power, status, and family, not for right or wrong but for what they want.Kind-hearted and simple heroine for the safety of the children and parents in the belly, step by step black into the palace fighting laurel.But she did not understand to the death, that kind and pure sister Zhen Yuao is the highest paragraph, laugh the last winner.Zhen Yu Rao’s scenes are few, but they leave a deep impact on people.Zhen Yuao is the most happy in the drama of the lucky son, there is a love her husband, in the era of concubines, the husband alone but her one person, even if she did not pass the family line for her husband.The eldest sister was the queen mother of the Qing Dynasty, and the second sister was also the princess of the Palace, so it can be said that her life was the biggest winner.But the bitterness behind her glory was more than anyone could bear.This may be the day to fall the great task must first suffer.Because her elder sister Zhen Huan falls out of power, she and her parents are sent to the remote and cold Ningguta, which is worse for a well-dressed lady.What’s more, she appears as a sinner. Although Zhen Huan is a monk in the Manlu Temple, there are still Jinxi and Huan Bi around her.Zhen Yuao but completely no one can help, she also look after the elderly parents.At a young age, she grew up rapidly in the fickleness of the world, and finally in her sister to nihuhuru.After the identity of the imperial concubine returned to the palace, no sweet without sweat.However, when she visits her sister in the palace, she is also seen by her brother-in-law four big ye, although there is a sister to deal with, but four big ye is still guilty.Still want to take her as a concubine, in order to let the emperor give up, Zhen Yuenchanting so said to the emperor: “I have a wish since childhood, hope he is husband’s wife rather than concubine, not his most important one, but his only wife;Now that the Emperor has an only wife, it is impossible to satisfy the wishes of the people’s women, but they hope that this wish will be fulfilled.”Zhen Yuao refused to marry the emperor, said very sincere, but also compliment the emperor really like his wife.Let the emperor feel really hard to forget their own white moonlight.And with the growth of his age, the thoughts of his wife will be more strong, looking at and pure yuan extremely similar jade Rao, he can not force Jade Rao to become his concubine.However, zhen Huan once promised to “find a sweetheart and never leave her old age” when she first entered the palace. However, since she meets the emperor in yimei Garden, she regards him as her only husband, but she also knows that she is only his concubine.Compared to Zhen Yuao, Zhen Huan is no match for her sister. Zhen finally becomes the empress dowager in the palace, but all the people she loves the most have left her, leaving her to grow old alone.Zhen Turns out to be the happiest person in the show, proving that she is much smarter than Zhen Huan and the winner in the end