Mother said: “sleep not pillow pillow is good for cervical spine.”Is that really the case?

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Still remember when I was a child, probably because of reading, my neck always hurt, sometimes, there will be a headache, dizziness.At this point, it’s better to pinch it with your hands.Do not know where my mother listened to a treatment of cervical spondylosis “small trick”.In other words, “When you sleep, don’t use pillows, just lie down.”Now think there may be no reason to speak, but, at that time is really very popular, even a lot of friends use ~ why will choose this method?1. On the one hand, most of the friends of cervical spondylosis are desk workers. In the long run, the whole neck is tilted forward, which is contrary to our normal physiological curvature.2. Some patients with cervical spondylosis often sleep on high pillows, or sometimes fall asleep on the back of the sofa.A long time will also lead to changes in physiological curvature, resulting in dizziness, headaches and other symptoms.But, in this case, removing the pillow doesn’t change anything.Because when we remove the pillow to sleep, the occipital bone of our head becomes a fulcrum, and the cervical spine is still in a straight state, how can we ensure the normal physiological curvature?1. If we remove the pillow, the cervical spine is in a straight state, which will make the neck muscles in a state of stretching and tension. Over time, the neck muscles will become stiff and the activity will be limited, leading to neck pain and dizziness.2. When we remove the pillow sleep, our head of the occipital area has become the fulcrum, stress, near the occipital for occipital nerve, it is important sensor head, if the muscle tension pain, may stimulate the pillow to nerve to cause the corresponding symptoms, may appear “next to where are uncomfortable to sleep at night, back of his head.The right pillow is important so the right pillow is important, the way you sleep is important!Let us sleep when the cervical spine to maintain normal physiological curvature, neck muscles to maintain relaxation, will reduce symptoms, prevention of cervical spondylosis!Pillow, suggest to choose buckwheat skin, because on the one hand buckwheat skin pillow economic benefits, will not be pit to, on the other hand, buckwheat skin pillow shape is better, dig a pit can put the head in, cervical vertebra position, also can maintain a normal stress state.What about height? Just eight to 12 centimeters.If the neck is stiff and painful, you can knead the local ~ well, this topic today so much, feel reasonable, can forward to the friends around, have a question can leave a message below, if there are different views can talk about their own views in the comment area.If you think you have learned something useful, don’t be too generous, donate a love, like, retweet to help more people, thank you for your support.