The big pattern!Tesla to open up self-driving patents, Musk says car companies need at least five years to develop

2022-05-01 0 By

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said on social media that Tesla’s FSD (full autopilot) will be available to other car companies in the future.As for the difficulty of developing FSD capabilities, Musk wrote, it could take five years, or more, for any company to implement them through research and development.But Musk doesn’t think Tesla will file patent lawsuits against those who use our technology in good faith. “Patents become useless when innovation happens so fast,” he said.What really matters is the speed of innovation.”As early as last year, Musk said he was considering the possibility of opening up Tesla’s FSD feature.He said it would be cool if other car companies were granted access to Tesla’s self-driving technology in new cars.But given the high cost of developing the system, Tesla will charge a fee.Tesla currently charges owners $12,000 to subscribe to the FSD, while north American customers can subscribe for a monthly fee of $199.Musk has always believed that when FSD finally reaches its full potential, it will make driving safer than ever before, and through open source software that will include more real data, further improving the safety of the system.In fact, this is not the first time Tesla has opened up its patents. Since 2014, the company has published or licensed hundreds of patents.Tesla also opened its own supercharger stations in parts of Europe last year, allowing other brands to recharge quickly.Of course, Tesla’s disclosure of patents may also be “utilitarian.”For example, marketing gimmicks, patent fees, or being the first to set standards for new energy vehicles.However, whether subjective or objective, Tesla’s approach has directly promoted the development of electric cars, and also saved many detours for laters.This is why many people regard Tesla as the benchmark of new energy vehicles and elon Musk, its CEO, as a pioneer of new energy vehicles.