The biggest “wrist” of the Spring Festival Gala: exclusive reveal of sanxingdui bronze mask Jinjing Road

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Chinese New Year!Did you watch the Spring Festival Gala this year?The world’s largest bronze mask unearthed from Sanxingdui was officially released on CCTV Spring Festival Gala!Sichuan province institute of cultural relics and archaeological institute of sanxingdui, deputy director of the sanxingdui museum, sanxingdui sacrificial area, head of the archaeological site RanHongLin with “national treasure” show host zhang guoli, live to the national people’s official launch this major archaeological achievements, for the audience to send a special New Year gift, also salute to the Chinese archaeology in one hundred.It is the largest bronze mask in the world. On the afternoon of June 23, 2021, with the exclaiming and cheering of all the archaeological team in Sanxingdui, this bronze mask came out of the earth and shone in the world!More than 3,000 years old, it is the largest and most complete bronze mask known.The bronze mask is 131 centimeters wide, 71 centimeters high, 66 centimeters deep and weighs 65.5 kilograms. It is the most complete, largest and best-preserved large bronze mask unearthed in the world.The eyebrows, eyes and lips of the mask are smooth and angular. The mask is in the shape of “U”, with a wide forehead and long thick eyebrows raised. The solemn and solemn expression conveys a sense of prestige.In addition, there are square perforations on both sides of the mask, up and down, and in the middle of the forehead, which may be used for fixation.Bronze masks are typical artifacts in Sanxingdui culture. Generally speaking, they should be placed in temples for people to worship.According to Ran, the mask was unearthed face down, with the nose tip buried deep in the loess and nearly 10 ivory tusks stacked on top of it.After more than three months of careful cleaning, the bronze mask was revealed.On June 23, 2021, archaeological preservation experts extracted the mask from the pit according to a carefully prepared plan.It is worth mentioning that this mask is very well preserved, only the left ear is missing, and the back of the left cheek and the corner of the mouth are slightly missing.Cultural security personnel have analyzed and studied the casting process of the bronze mask, which is made by casting the face, the back of the cheek, the eyes, the ears and other parts separately, and then welded together into a whole.This is not only the perfect combination of bronze technology and art, but also the unique expression of the ancient Shu people’s spiritual world.In addition, silk residue was found in the right eye of the mask. In ancient Shu civilization, it was believed that the combination of silk and mask had the function of “connecting heaven and god”, which highlighted the connotation of sacred sacrifice and became an important material evidence for the study of Sanxingdui silk.The right eye of the mask found silk residue sanxingdui bronze mask why from Sichuan Guanghan went to Beijing to appear in the Spring Festival Gala?On CCTV’s Spring night of the Year of the Ox, the Buddha’s head from Tianlongshan Mountain, which returned to China from Japan, made a stunning appearance and became the hottest topic of the evening.The year 2021 coincides with the centenary of the birth of modern archaeology in China, and the archaeological excavation of Sanxingdui continues to attract the attention of Chinese people, which is an active exploration of modern archaeology with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese style.It was against this background that Sanxingdui was invited to appear on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala to talk about the diversity and richness of Chinese civilization.This is the first time that the newly unearthed mask has been unveiled to the public.A new round of archaeological excavation in sanxingdui sacrificial area has unearthed more than 2,000 complete artifacts so far.Among them, tongzun, Tonglei, Yu Zhang, yu Cong and many other cultural relics show the close connection between Shu and the culture of the central Plains and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, demonstrating the historical development process of the diversified integration of Chinese civilization, which is of great significance for the further construction of the Identification system of Chinese culture and the formation of a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation.Among these cultural relics, the unrestrained and exquisite statue of kneeling on a copper roof and the square statue of bronze round mouth with the same style in the Taipei Palace Museum are all very distinctive. However, in the end, the program team chose the large bronze mask with sufficient volume, visual impact and the most characteristic of Sanxingdui as the representative of the new archaeological discovery.A new round of archaeological exploration and excavation in sanxingdui Sacrificial Area was launched in 2019. From the end of 2019 to the first half of 2020, sichuan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and Sichuan Guanghan Sanxingdui Museum jointly explored and discovered six sacrificial pits near the no.1 and no.2 pits excavated in 1986.With the approval of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, official archaeological excavation of the newly discovered pit began in October 2020.By the end of 2021, more than 10,000 cultural relics have been unearthed from six sacrificial pits in Sanxingdui, with silk dating back more than 3,000 years discovered for the first time.The largest gold mask of the Shang and Zhou dynasties was discovered.New breakthroughs are also expected in the technical challenges of ivory conservation…In particular, a large number of cultural relics closely related to the culture of the Central Plains and the culture of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River were unearthed again, which proved the historical development process of diversified integration of Chinese civilization with archaeological results. It is of great significance for deepening the study of Chinese civilization and demonstrating the continuous and inclusive development of Chinese civilization.Sanxingdui bronze mask has been buried in the ground for more than 3,000 years. How can the precious and fragile cultural relics be transported from Sichuan to Beijing?How to ensure the safety of cultural relics?It is understood that the national treasure “business trip”, not only alerted the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, but also enjoy the transport of three guards, special VIP rooms in the waiting room, cultural protection experts escort and other super treatment…It turned out that the biggest “wrist” in the star-studded spring evening was actually it!In November 2021, the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, which is responsible for archaeological excavation in sanxingdui Sacrificial area, received an invitation from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala program.Let cultural relics in a variety show?Archeologists, who regard cultural relics as life, are very cautious.Last year, Buddha Shoufu of Tianlongshan, who returned to China from Japan, caused a sensation when he appeared on CCTV spring Night.But what if there is a security incident while making the long journey to Beijing?To this end, the China Media Group made a special request to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and received strong support.In this context, Sichuan organized related cultural and museum institutions to form special work classes, carefully formulate cultural heritage security plans, carefully implement cultural relics cleaning, packaging, transportation, unloading, exhibition, security, protection and other work.The workers are carrying out the transportation and packaging of the bronze mask. The national treasure must meet the people all over the country.Ren Junfeng, a staff member of the cultural preservation Center of sichuan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, and Yu Jian, director of the Cultural preservation Center of Sanxingdui Museum, are the cultural preservation experts who came to Beijing with the cultural relics.According to two people, after the bronze mask was unearthed, there was rust and soil and other attachments on the surface, which looked particularly “vicissitudes of life”.In addition, the left ear of the mask is missing, and the back of the left cheek and the corner of the mouth are slightly missing.Therefore, after the unearthed cultural relics, cultural preservation experts in scientific research and analysis of the mask disease, targeted to the surface of mud stains, soil covering, hardening, rust to do the removal, to ensure the stability of cultural relics.It is the big mask has been orderly purge makeup, and enough to have sanxingdui characteristics, was selected at one stroke.After the inspection and cleaning of the mask, the cultural preservation experts, led by Guo Hanzhong, a cultural relic restoration specialist from Sanxingdui Museum, followed the principle of minimum intervention and carefully designed the reinforcement and protection scheme of the cultural relic. The stainless steel frame was used for complete physical reinforcement to ensure that the state of the cultural relic met the requirements of transportation and display.In particular, the precious silk residue attached to the right eye of the bronze mask was also extracted, resulting in the glowing appearance of the big mask during the Spring Festival Gala.Cultural protection experts with stainless steel strip physical fixed mask Ren Junfeng introduction, responsible for transporting national treasure company from the beginning of the packaging has a detailed plan.They went to Sanxingdui Museum in advance and used 3D printing technology to make original scale replica models of cultural relics, which were used to simulate packaging exercises.Due to the serious corrosion of the right eye of the mask, the left ear was broken and fell off. In order to avoid bumping, the mask and the left ear were packed separately.Packaging is also exquisite, according to the size of the mask customized inside and outside two layers of packaging box, the middle is filled with shock absorbing materials, to ease the impact of cultural relics in transportation.The vehicle in charge of transportation is equipped with temperature and humidity control device, air cushion “shock absorption” system, so that the mask is always in a stable state of the environment.It is about 2,000 kilometers from Guanghan, Sichuan province, to Beijing. How can cultural relics be guaranteed at night when they cannot be reached in one day?Under the coordination of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the museum and the carrier worked out a reasonable transportation route, escorted by security personnel, and all vehicles entered the local museum overnight to ensure safety.After arriving in Beijing, the cultural relics are also transferred to the museum’s cultural relics warehouse in line with the cultural relics storage environment and security standards for temporary storage.As we all know, CCTV Spring Festival Gala broadcast before many rehearsals, so big mask can withstand another round of rehearsal toss?Yu Jian introduced that both the rehearsal of the Spring Festival Gala and the row, the appearance of the cultural relics are 3D models.Only in preparation and live, the big mask appeared in person.The size of these two appearances is not small either.The transportation company applied to the local public security Bureau for a three-level security guard to ensure the smooth and safe transportation of cultural relics from the “rented” museum to the CCTV studio.To the TV station, the program group specially arranged a separate channel for cultural relics can directly enter the first VIP room “waiting field”, into the room, outside the gate is the whole security personnel to prevent miscellaneous personnel close to.The road from the station’s parking lot to the VIP room and from the VIP room to the studio was also cleared.In the VIP room, cultural preservation experts first attached the missing ear to the mask for physical fixation, and then, together with the staff of the transportation company, sent the mask to the studio through the customized cultural relics transportation platform.It is reported that sanxingdui bronze mask will soon return to Guanghan after finishing the “business trip” mission.In the future, visitors are expected to see it in the Sanxingdui Museum Cultural Preservation Center.More than 3,000 years ago, the ancient Shu people used it to communicate with the gods. Since sanxingdui woke up and shocked the world in 1986, eight “pits” have been found in sanxingdui heritage site, and a large number of exquisite bronze, jade, gold, ivory and other cultural relics have been unearthed.These pits are generally called “sacrificial pits” in academic circles.Sanxingdui archeological excavation chamber (photo by Xiang Yu, chuan Guan News reporter) The cultural relics unearthed here are not burial goods at all.Academic circles found that no matter the bronze daliren, bronze sacred trees, bronze masks, as well as the national treasures discovered last year, bronze statues and bronze altars, all clearly pointed to Sanxingdui as an ancient god, these artifacts were used to communicate with heaven, earth and gods, used for sacrifice.Sanxingdui unearthed sacrifice mountain jade zhang, clearly carved under the scene of sacrifice.From this point of view, sanxingdui unearthed cultural relics compared to the burial goods, more auspicious meaning.At present, there is a point of view in academic circles that among the 8 “sacrificial pits” in Sanxingdui, the other 6 pits except no.5 and no.6 may be burial places for sacrificial utensils caused by some external factors, while no.5 and No.6 pits, where gold masks and mysterious wooden boxes were unearthed, may be sacrificial sites.Generally speaking, the area where the eight pits are located is the sacrificial area of the ancient Shu Kingdom.Sichuan view news reporter Wu Xiaoling original title: “Sanxingdui unearthed the world’s largest, CCTV Spring Festival Gala!