The original song “Ordinary Hero” pays tribute to those of you fighting on the front line

2022-05-01 0 By

This New Year, a sudden outbreak of the epidemic has become a test for Hangzhou.After the outbreak of the epidemic, some returned to their posts to participate in the war, some rushed to the front line, and some stuck to the rear.They are selfless dedication of the angels in white, is unknown to the party cadres, is the teacher volunteers three feet platform……The cold could not stop their firm steps;Sweating like a wet shirt, they can’t take off their selfless responsibility.It is these glimmers of difficulties that coagulate the same faith and protect the common home and country with infinite love.This song is a tribute to everyone involved in the fight against COVID-19.Hero fighting in the front line of ordinary disease resistance is deeply touched by the music, a song by zhejiang youth song and dance theatre tenor, national first-level actor Wang Jing singing, lake the tea culture research association executive director of hangzhou Gao Wanrong lyrics, hangzhou west lake elementary school music teacher education group Zhou Chen composition “ordinary hero, salute you move back and forth in the wind and rain…Ordinary Hero Lyrics: Gao Wanrong Composition: Zhou Chen Singing: Wang Jing Music production: Yan Shuo, Li Sihao, Jiang Shinguo, He Hanyu Content source: Zhejiang News client (Xinmeihui Positive Energy manuscript pool)