Vieri criticizes jose mourinho!Dionisi on similarities with jose mourinho!De rossi stands by jose mourinho

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Today roma and jose mourinho’s news, without further ado, to read the content: recently, Jose mourinho in the dressing room rage, caused a lot of media and fans attention.”By the way, mourinho did criticise the players this time, but in the dressing room,” vieri said.Rome to against Mr Solow, before Mr Solow’s boss, dior said in an interview recently, Roman legendary captain daniele DE rossi in an interview talked about mourinho, he said: this is not the first time daniele DE rossi hailed mourinho, no matter what others say, the Roman legend are backed jose mourinho, of course, francesco totti, for mourinho, it is enough.In other roma news, la Repubblica reports that milan are interested in signing Julio Verleto to replace Casey.Jose mourinho is reported to be interested in signing Hoibel this summer.According to Corriere dello Sport, spinazzola’s recovery is good, but roma are in no rush to bring him back, with jose mourinho expecting him to make a full recovery.Enshuai usher real Madrid 100 games, enshuai led the team to score 233 points, is real Madrid’s second best 100 games record, while real Madrid’s best 100 games record is Mourinho, 241 points.Well, that’s all for Rome. See you tomorrow!