Liu Xin attends jiang Ge trial: Live only for one thing, there are supporters to support her

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On the morning of February 16, the second trial of “Jiang Ge case”, which attracted the attention of the whole Internet, was held, and the verdict was announced at an scheduled date.Unlike the previous trial, the trial jiang Ge mother did not appear in court, has not appeared Liu Nuanxi (formerly Known as Liu Xin) is unusually attended the trial.On The morning of 16th, Jiang Ge’s mother Jiang Qiulian posted on social media platform that she could not attend the trial due to physical reasons, and the case will be represented by Lawyers Huang Leping and Li Jing. Even if she does not go, she will be very relieved.The day before the court hearing, Jiang qiulian went to visit her daughter with a bunch of flowers. At the grave, she said softly, “Today is the Lantern Festival. Mother will come to accompany you.In the end, Jiang Qiulian comfort daughter, also give yourself a pep said, everything, there is mother in.At the scene of the court, an old man dressed in a pink coat, attracted the attention of the people, the old man said she is support jiang song mother, pay attention to the matter of time for half a year, song jiang mother wouldn’t hype, also plans to donate money for compensation is touched by her guileless, two people don’t know, today to the scene to wanted to give her a hug.Liu’s supporters also gathered outside the courthouse.Han said she knew Liu had been wronged and that her witness status had been rejected.The woman said that after the trial, her supporters will hold a meeting attended by Liu himself, including those who once reviled Liu, but have now changed their attitude and decided to cheer her on.Liu xin said that she hoped to resolve the conflict with Jiang Ge’s mother in the second trial, and restore the truth of the fact. In addition, Liu Xin said that she was very uncomfortable for Jiang Ge’s mother’s misunderstanding of her.In response to online criticism of her, Liu said she had thought about suicide, but she could not let the truth disappear, and the motivation to survive was to clarify the truth.Review of the First Trial On January 10, “Jiang Song case” ushered in the first trial verdict.Qingdao local court ordered Liu Nuanxi to compensate plaintiff Jiang Qiulian more than 690,000 yuan.In this regard, CCTV network has commented that this is a judicial way to punish ugly and selfish, the verdict, but also promote the human spirit, hope that selfish people can find conscience, onlookers can distinguish right from wrong.On November 2, 2016, Chen Shifeng, Liu’s ex-boyfriend, ambushed the stairs of Jiang Ge’s apartment with a fruit knife, according to the court’s verdict.Late that night, Jiang asked Liu if her ex-boyfriend was still following her. Liu said he had not seen him and asked Jiang to wait for her to go home.An hour later, the two men met and walked home, when Chen rushed out with a knife and Liu, who was walking ahead, entered the door and locked the only way to survive.Unable to open Liu’s door, Chen stabbed Jiang with a fruit knife and fled the scene.In conclusion, the first-instance court held that Liu Xin did not feel grateful and sent messages to Jiang Ge’s mother about family reunion during the festival to stimulate her mood. Liu Xin’s behavior was against common sense and human feelings and should be condemned.In response, Liu xin’s lawyer said there were factual errors in the first trial, for the “locked door” this statement, Liu Xin will not admit.Part of the material is comprehensive from: People concern, CCTV network, Qingdao Chengyang District People’s Court editor: Lin Yikai