Qiao home actively carry out “emergency three blockage” power Spring Festival road traffic safety management work

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to do a good job in road traffic safety management, further promote the prevention of major road traffic accidents and the first wave of actions of “reducing traffic volume and controlling traffic volume” to achieve actual results, eliminate the hidden dangers of road safety in rural areas to the greatest extent, and continuously create a safe, efficient and convenient road traffic environment for people’s Spring Festival travel,Qiao county recently organized to carry out road hidden trouble investigation and rectification “emergency three block” special supervision work.February 14 to 15, Qiaojia county people’s government deputy county magistrate, public Security Bureau director Wei Xuesong, public security Bureau deputy director Gu Yongxi in Xiaohe Town, Hongshan township field research supervision area towns to carry out serious road traffic accident prevention and road hidden trouble investigation and rectification “emergency three block” work.Wei Xuesong line of deep river town, red, deputy head of rural districts road section safety field investigation, then asked jurisdiction township people’s governments and the functional departments should actively carry traffic safety responsibility, to fully research of jurisdiction highway, combined with the actual situation of jurisdiction rural road hazard risk assessment,Clear sequence month by month year for rural road safety “life protection project” and road hidden danger “five small project” governance project steady implementation of road safety “life protection project” and road hidden danger “five small project” now can not cover the sections,To try their best to firmly in accordance with the requirements of the county traffic safety Commission office to make full use of tree stump isolation, ribbon warning, sand blocking and other ways to carry out the “emergency three blocking” measures, effectively do the past vehicles for warning and safe passage, the maximum prevention of road traffic accidents.In this field investigation and supervision, the supervision group in a total of more than 10 dangerous and hidden danger sections of more than 3000 meters to pull ribbons, placed 20 warning cone barrels, and set up 5 safety warning signs.In the next step, qiao jia public security traffic police will continue to follow the requirements of Wei Xuesong deputy county magistrate, effectively strengthen and improve the “two lists” of traffic safety hidden trouble investigation and rectification work, deepen the rural traffic safety hidden trouble rectification and “emergency three block” work, to ensure that the area of traffic safety situation continues to be stable and orderly.