The fastest speed 129.71 kilometers per hour, “Sea tuo mountain car god” Yan Wen port has a big heart

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Yan Wengang (right) and teammate Yin Zheng after the match.Photo/Xinhua Beijing News (reporter Wang Jisong) Yan Wengang of China skied the fastest 129.71 km/h during the fourth run of the men’s steel-frame bobsled in Beijing, Feb. 11, 2018. This is the fastest speed of the round. “Haituoshan racing god” skied the world speed on the Chinese track.”The first few runs were conservative.””Yan said of his performance in the previous rounds.As Yan wengang said, in the first two rounds of skating, his skating time respectively ranked third and fourth in the group, the two rounds of comprehensive ranking third, so that the outside world saw the hope of winning the medal.But the third round of competition, Yan Wengang group ranked only the sixth, the overall ranking dropped to the fourth.Yan wengang said that in the face of such results, the fourth round of skating must be spelled out.He finished with a best time of 1:00.15, the second best time of any skater in four runs.”I was mentally strong at that time, so I could get such a result.””I felt strong, but mentally I wasn’t strong enough for the first three wheels,” Mr. Yan said.Yan wengang revealed that he adjusted his mental state before the start of the fourth round and the coach also explained to him the details of the track, which made him more determined and made him perform well in the last round.Beijing News reporter Wang Jisong edited by Wang Chunqiu