The “motorcycle army” is becoming less and less, and it is getting better and better to return home during the Spring Festival

2022-05-02 0 By

As the Spring Festival approaches, many migrant workers are rushing back to their hometowns.In the past, tens of thousands of migrant workers in southern China would ride motorcycles to return to their hometowns for the Spring Festival, making a huge “motorcycle army” a unique scene during the Spring Festival travel rush.In recent years, this “motorcycle army” from the peak of millions of vehicles, into today’s twos and threes of “guerrillas”, gradually fade out of the public’s view.(Beijing Youth Daily, January 30) Admittedly, there is a saying that goes, “If you have money, if you don’t, go home for the Spring Festival.”But in fact, people with money and people without money, home in different ways.”Thousands of miles alone ride” is not as romantic and chic as imagined.Not to mention, spring has not yet begun, the wind is cold, riding straight into the cold, cold into the bone marrow.Two wheels carry large bags, high-speed shuttle between four wheels, people pack iron motorcycle hard to bring a sense of security.Why did you have to ride home if you didn’t have to?There are four reasons for the gradual disappearance of the “motorcycle army”, as analyzed by the media. First, long-distance public transportation, represented by high-speed rail, is more convenient.Second, the road infrastructure is gradually improved, and you can take a bus directly to your home.Third, rural revitalization has enabled more migrant workers to stay in their hometowns rather than travel far.Fourth, the level of people’s income is increasing, and there is no need to go home for the New Year.In a word, the constantly improving material living standard makes it no longer a difficult thing to go home during the Spring Festival.From “two wheels” to “four wheels”, from “four wheels” to “thousands of wheels”, and then from “thousands of wheels” to “no wheels”, returning home for the Spring Festival is more and more leisure, more and more comfortable.A good mood won’t be spoiled by the “difficulty of going home”, so you can enjoy the scenery along the way and have countless things to talk about before the reunion dinner.What kind of transportation to choose for returning home during the Spring Festival seems like a “trivial matter in life”, but in fact, it directly affects the happiness of millions of families.Of course, for some people, although they do not need to ride during the Spring Festival, the anxiety of returning home has not been eliminated.Traffic jams on the freeway;Anxiety about getting a proper ticket;Flight anxiety has been plagued by flight delays.During the Spring Festival travel, “lost in the journey” can always be repeated throughout the country.As the COVID-19 pandemic has not completely dissipated, there are risks associated with taking public transport, so it is not impossible to rule out the possibility that some people will still choose to return home by motorcycle.To solve the problem of people returning to their hometowns, great efforts should be made.On the one hand, we should pay attention to the way most people return to their hometowns, optimize transportation and distribute traffic in a reasonable way to ensure that people can return to their hometowns safely and in a timely manner.On the other hand, we should also pay attention to the mode of travel of a small number of people, provide intimate and convenient navigation, food and maintenance services, so that “thousands of miles of single ride” no longer suffering.Facing the future, we hope that riding home is not a “forced option” for people to return home, but an “active option” for us to enjoy life.(YanQi)