Yin Xiaohong’s Long Comment on Blood Drop Son

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“Fly on the grass” wild goose in the cloud was ordered to fly dragon ridge retrieve national treasure evergreen, the first night to explore the road, met the son of The Guan Dong warrior Lu Ming Exhibition Road cloud, in fact, road cloud is deliberately waiting for him, to lead him the way.Yunzhong Yan followed lu Yun came to the Sun Temple, when the heroes are under the auspices of Gu Kentang meeting, Gu Kentang told everyone that the qing dynasty passed down the national treasure Evergreen, has been stolen by our Recovery party, yunzhong Yan was very happy to hear the news.Cao Xiong, the short-lived ghost, told Yongzheng that Feilongling was a peak at the southern end of Taihang Mountain in eight hundred miles, on which there was a temple of the Sun.The temple was the activity base of the Ming Party, who propagated the sun religion with the purpose of opposing the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Ming Dynasty.The bishop is the Ming Chongzhen Emperor’s eldest daughter “Changping Princess”, the name of guangci Shi Tai.Choosing party all the superior skills, especially a few led – the kanto road warrior people pursuit, a gust of wind zhan invertors, halfway iron shoulder coss father, small kunlun jade screen newly, muddy day rain thaykhao officer, jade face husband jiangnan warrior GanFengChi, etc., as for lusi niang, the little girl could not on the number, lusi niang Cao Xiong said she didn’t know.Yongzheng listened to the life blood drop son to fly dragon Ridge retrieve national treasure evergreen, take not to come back too lose face.Yongzheng vowed that if any of them could retrieve the evergreen, I would make him governor of liangjiang.Blood drops son to discuss down, consistent recommendation grass fly in the wild goose personally go.The yunzhong Goose proposed three conditions to the emperor.Go to feilongling take treasure this time, want to wait for the plane meeting, so cannot stipulate time limit, perhaps a month, perhaps two months.As soon as I steal evergreen, I’ll be right back.Yongzheng agreed and said, you may not set a time limit, but do not come back to see me until you get evergreen.Second, I may be a person strength is not enough, I want to find another high person to assist me, long live to agree to my request.Yongzheng said, “You can ask for help, but only with my consent.”Third, if I fly dragon ridge encounter accident, my home wife and children old and young, still hope the Lord to take care of.Yongzheng said, “But please rest assured, if you die, your family members will enjoy your current salary, and your son will inherit your second title.”Yunzhongyan set out that night, with a one-chi long short dao on his leg, which is a family treasure, also known as “hongmao dao”. There was a pair of yunbiao, which was his grandfather’s double dao. One of them was left to Yunzhongyan, and the other was given to his nephew Nian Yuanyu Yao.He had a blood drop and a litter bag.To Baoding county, I saw the city very busy, because of the New Year’s love yao yuan Shuaifu just completed, so the people went to watch.Yunzhongyan stayed in gaosheng inn, the shopkeeper with a tour book to register, yunzhongyan said his name is “Tang Three”, is selling silk and satins, came to Baoding to collect.Ask small two feilongling, sun temple, small two said feilongling in Baoding outside the city, out of the west gate has been walking is, but do not know where the sun temple is.Yun paid the rent for three days, but also said that I went out to collect debt, if three days do not come back, to somewhere else, do not reserve the room for me.The wild goose in the cloud had no guide, so it went up the mountain at night. Looking all the way, it saw a man walking on the mountain, and the wild goose in the cloud followed him.The man went over the mountains, with wild geese following him in the clouds.Later found that this was a charming young man, dressed very exquisite.Mr Yin this explanation, this person is not others, but the son of guan Dong warrior Lu Mingzhan Road cloud, nickname Golden wings dapeng, road cloud and jade face lang Gan Fengchi is a brother.Walking to the door of a family, I saw a woman in her thirties, lighting incense candles in the yard to pray to heaven, claiming to be Wangmen Li, because her husband was out, her mother-in-law was ill for a long time, and there was no money at home to ask for a doctor. She prepared to learn from the ancient people to cut the soup and make her mother-in-law drink to recover from her illness.Yin explained that if the thigh (the meat on the leg) is put into the medicine and decocted together with the soup, it may be useful for the patient to drink because of psychological comfort.But without medicine, decocting soup with the stock alone may not be effective.The woman was about to cut off the meat on her leg, but the wild goose in the clouds couldn’t bear to see it. Just at this moment, the young man on the roof had rushed forward and snatched the scissors from the woman’s hands, and said, “Sister-in-law don’t be afraid. I’m here to help you today, and these are for your mother-in-law’s treatment.And he took out of it pearls and pearls, and two golden beans, which together were worth about five hundred pence.The wild goose in the cloud expected that he was a righteous man who robbed the rich and gave to the poor.Where did you come from?The answer was stolen.And she said, Shall I not take these to suffer the torment of prison and the trouble of the chains?”Don’t worry,” said the young man. “Just take it.”And she said, What shall I say of my husband’s return?The young man said, I don’t leave a name, you just to the sun, thank the sun bodhisattva is.Then she asked, “You come from the Temple of the Sun?”Yes,” said the young man, “I have been sent by our Lord to allot poor people like you.Then they went back to the road one after the other, and the wild goose in the cloud chased him quickly and slowly.He led the cloud around the mountain for several times and saw a river in front of him. The man jumped across the river and entered a big house.The wild goose in the cloud could not jump over it, so it had to go to a narrow place on the side of the river to cross the river and return to the house just now.I saw a lot of tables in the room, like someone in the banquet, embroidered around the table with a sun and a moon.In the middle sat an old man, known as Gukenton, with broken glasses, a felt hat on his head and a long pipe in his hand.On either side sat three old men, namely Lu Minzhan, Zhan Xun and Cao Renfu.Mr. Yin explained that all three were real people in the history of the Qing Dynasty, who were both swordsmen and painters.Over there sat a fat monk, nicknamed Tiebellyjingmian Monk, and the other was Gan Fengchi, the jade face prince.Mr. Yin also explained that gan fengchi’s father gan Ying and grandfather Gan Hui, both recorded in historical records, were generals under Zheng Chenggong who died in the Yangtze River during the battle of Nanjing.Sitting opposite is a small Kunlun jade screen Lu Yuan, he is also the descendants of the late Ming general, the other is the white Taiguan Muddy sky wind and rain.The wild goose in the cloud did not see the young man who had just sent silver to the woman. He was the son of Lu Yun, the golden wing dapeng.Are looking for, road cloud has come out, for a new clothes, shouted “come”, we asked “really come?”And he said, “Indeed!”Then the gukan Hall called the meeting to announce the unfortunate news that the second master, Master Guangming (and the third master, Guangliang, who was still in the south and did not attend the meeting) had died of illness and the memorial service would be announced later.The second is a happy event — the evergreen in the imperial palace in Beijing has been stolen by our Party.”Bend yo”, suzhou dialect, there are many words to describe the shape, such as: round, long waist, square Du-Du-du, flat collapse;Describe the taste of: sweet jinjin, salty, fresh da da, bitter yingying, sour ji ji, light scraping, hot splash;Odors are described in tickler, tickler, and so on.There are some descriptions of people’s face, such as: purple hall, black, white material, yellow zha;Describe people’s bodies: short, thin, thin, fat, etc.The second “forehead bone”, to describe “good luck”, also known as “forehead bone high”, “forehead bone against the ceiling”;Third, “eye eye call” (also known as “eye eye tone”) means “coincidence”;The fourth is “li Li, Du Luo luo”, like sound words, indicating the sound of small objects falling to the ground.The fifth is 𫜰 (ngak), a verb meaning “missing” a piece. Suzhou people say 𫜰 DuoyiPeng Gongcha was adapted from the novel of the same name in the late Qing Dynasty after the Republic of China.Choreographers include You Shaotai, Pan Boying, Ma Fengbo, Xu Yuxiang and so on.You shaotai is the ring block of “the List of gods”, “Peng Gong Case” only asked zhu Yaoliang, an artist of the industry.Zhu passed on nine students.After pan Boying compiled this bibliography, tang Junqi was passed on to his disciples.Ma Fengbo, formerly known as Ma Xuelin, rap “Da Hong Pao”, said “Peng Gong Case”, change the name.Xu Yuxiang, a famous writer of The Legend of the Golden Gun, also began to lecture on the Case of Peng Gong.Ma and Xu had no descendants.Zhu yaoliang has students Wang Xiliang, Hu Tianru and so on.(From The Dictionary of Pingtan Culture)