Beijing winter Olympics preparations’ impeccable ‘: Russian media

2022-05-03 0 By

On a flight to Beijing, I conceived of my first story. I wrote an article by Andrei Simonenko titled “How China broke stereotypes” on January 31.Within the first few minutes of landing at Beijing Capital Airport, my unease began to dissipate.How many hours does it take to check the papers?Not at all!Once your passport is put on the automatic processing system, you don’t need to queue. You just need to scan the QR code, take a nucleic acid test and pick up your luggage. Then you can get on the car and leave.The staff who provided the nucleic acid testing service for me were very patient and comforted me gently when I felt slightly unwell.I was worried about being suffocated.Indeed, we can’t get out of the Olympic “bubble”.However, the hotel has plenty of entertainment, including a gym, ping-pong tables and karaoke.As for China’s quarantine measures, I would like to say to those who complain about daily nucleic acid tests: “Guys, the world is experiencing an unprecedented wave of infections, and China’s hosting of the Olympics can only be described as’ taking great credit ‘.At least there aren’t any waves of infections.The Chinese government has successfully brought the outbreak under control in Wuhan.China is taking strict measures to prevent imported viruses.”Tian ‘anmen, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall are for another time.Besides, we come to work, not to travel.In terms of food, my hotel offers nine sets, including Chinese, European and Japanese.The ones I tried were delicious.At the main media center, nothing is more delightful than the food served by the robot chef.Thrifty by people, but also provide instant noodles.In short, never go hungry.I have a feeling that if everything is perfect so far, so will the rest.In the press center, Chinese colleagues walking toward us recalled the Sochi Winter Olympics, and even N95 masks could not stop their smiles: “Your opening ceremony was so cool!”And we certainly won’t forget the fireworks display of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.I think there’s reason to expect surprises this time, too!