Gold Shovel Battle S6.5: New king on the throne!The most cool new season on the lineup!Enjoy the smooth

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Hello, everyone!I’m a rabbit!Image from media suit does not represent final quality, golden shovel Shovel Twin Cities legend neon Night Updated February 24!Knife younger sister for the first time login, the new season, a synonym for show, nature is there are a lot of sister squad around the knife of the four, the sword of the younger sister also have inventor holding sister and celebrities knife a younger sister, the three sets of are very high playability, bring you a knife of celebrity sister, today is not to say that on dao and inventor holding weak sister, sister but celebrities knife is the most balanced,As long as the knife sister god can C, a endless + a light language, darting to go to, to die, very meet brothers on the points at the same time full of experience, in contrast, other two sets, on dao and inventor holding a younger sister,, knife sister deficiency in the front row and inventor holding dao younger sister often younger sister scavenging, younger sister is a pair of C, the knife sister master C people killed,The only thing that can stop bad luck is armor.Above is the sword of celebrity sister, normal use 3 inventors, the draft felt the inventor of arms, so population not hanging toad and hill 9, opened five inventions, actual combat is completely need not take inventor of the article, because 5 invention is less and less box mattie ceiling and hill and started, core lineup is 3 sister celebrities holding the knife,The rest of the inventor brand is completely used to gather together the fetter and law enforcement, we will not be confused to grasp the core, in fact, the lineup is also 5 inventions to lead a dog a variety of array, but I prefer to play this set, the appreciation of the good!First of all, the fetter of the lineup:Three inventions and 2 on 2 white magic of celebrity precision 2 similar law enforcement 2 combat spell, so it is appropriate and notice the knife sister the skills of how to eat to impose a Shanghai, so fought very fit, second squad counter rotating position of demand is lower, as long as a crest basic can use, but the best 4 strong attack,Has a population of strong attack to change your job can be 8 don’t hang wei to open four strong attack, followed by law enforcement crest, 9 population artificial 4 law enforcement, can how dogs how to a future vision, and the fight to control over 3 pieces, and then there are the arms of celebrity, can remove senna open four, inventor of arms by the same token, the open 5 invention, the last is a geek crest, personal feeling is the most chicken ribs,4 Geeks have a little more shield, not much use.The lineup is relatively flexible, play a few more dishes on the basic grasp of the core ideas, or sometimes the array will be confused, and then it is necessary to mention 5 celebrities pure cattle and horses, color hex celebrities soul, remember is a trap!Knife sister 3 celebrities and 5 celebrities effect is actually no difference, there is no need to take, unless there is no choice.Equipment selection: main C knife sister: core endless + light words, two sets of essential, the last one should be determined according to the celebrity circle position, if the celebrity circle in the second or third row, knife sister can not eat the first wave of focus then choose output, slaughter, justice, Titan, hat can be.Celebrity circle in the first row or the last row, as far as possible to choose life, mercury is the best, followed by the edge of the night.Vice C Geji: Core Qinglongdao + ghost book, playing auxiliary at the same time hanging reduction therapy, for the knife sister attack speed add blood, the last one what to what can be.Main tank senator/wei: according to who is the first two star to decide who will bring equipment first, generally put meat in the front row, meat installed god installed anti-ankylosaurus tooth mania, the front row can bring Titan drink blood.Hex recommends: Inventor’s Heart, Inventor’s Soul, Share spotlight, duet, Fiery Censer, Side by side, Shock Strike, Overpower, Hunt, Star God, Quick Back, Hard back, Ludden, Source Plan Armor, Source Plan Blue back, Source Plan.Today, we mainly share the gameplay of losing streak knife sister, the core transition of winning streak knife sister is inventor, 3 invention with alchemy/strong attack transition, equipment to EZ, early very strong, after the start of the game have the opportunity to give everyone to make up the winning streak knife sister’s gameplay.Losing the train of thought is fast 7 population, the withdrawal withdrawal, the sale of about sell about 7 population small search 3 invention +3 celebrities, learned on 8 population, fill lawmakers + wei, behind 9 population according to the direction of equipment hanging which 5 fees or according to the transfer to open big fetters.Stage 2: stage 2 is not on the population, there are about 3 /3 reward will rub, the first three waves of selling blood do not feel bad, order down to grab the key equipment, early as far as possible to prepare endless + light language, behind the last one according to the wild monster equipment and celebrity position can be decided.2-5 after the draft can be put on some quality cards to change monsters, pay attention to the outside of the rotten, can follow the rotten break them.Here we 3 about and 3 appreciation which all do not come, can be compared to the failure of the open, but good blood quality.Stage 3: stage 3 draft back after the withdrawal withdrawal, the sale of about sell about, even if not speed up also want to go on the quality card to protect blood, as for 7 population speed up or 8 population speed up or see blood volume, high blood volume recommended 8 population speed up, blood volume difference on 7 population small search lock blood on 8 population.3-4 draft back after the sale of unused cards on the field, small search wave, gather together 3 celebrities +3 invention + knife younger sister can stop on 8 population.Here we have a wave of greed, 3-6 withdrawals, but nothing good.Stage 4: In stage 4, the main thing is to add 8 people and 8 people change to fill the card. When the 8 people search the card, they will go to Ike before the senator comes. If there are toad/Hilco cards, do not sell them.4-2/4-5 pull 8 population, according to the economy and the amount of blood, 8 population search until the lineup is formed, according to the job to make the corresponding change array.Stage 5:5-1 at this time the lineup must be formed, the rest of the thing is to see if there is a peer and Nikko, or chasing 3 star knife sister/wei/ge ji, or on 9 people looking for 2 star 5 fee stable promotion.6 stage: 6-1/6-2/6-5 pull 9 population, no transfer is to fill toad/Shilko best, according to celebrities and overflow equipment, there is a transfer on the open big connection.Lineup later as shown: today’s strategy here ah, brothers still want to see what lineup, the background can be more messages!Everyone private letter reply 1 can be downloaded at any time to the latest 4K desktop version of a map on the drill and all the tools and all the lineup of a map to understand and guide link portal to help you easily diamond master king, happy double!Dear relatives, please click “like” this is very important for rabbits, please!