In spring, there are three plum gardens in Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area

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Three plum gardens in Wuhan’s East Lake Scenic Area are in full bloom, bringing unexpected and warm surprises to tourists on spring outings.Plum blossom is the top of the top ten famous flowers in China. Together with orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, plum blossom is listed as the four gentlemen.In Chinese traditional culture, plum blossom with its noble and clean and strong character, in the cold open flowers first, alone in the world and spring.Plum blossom is the flower of Wuhan city. There are three plum gardens in Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area, namely Wuhan East Lake Plum Garden, East Lake Tuntao Plum Garden and East Lake Maanshan Forest Park. East Lake is a famous place for appreciating plum blossoms in China.More than 1,000 plum trees have been planted on plum Hill in the Plum Garden of East Lake Maanshan Forest Park. Since the beginning of February, plum trees on plum Hill have been opened in succession.Maanshan Forest Park plum Garden is open, no ticket.Outside the gate of Maanshan Forest Park, there are many buses connecting Wuchang Optics Valley Square and wuchang major public transportation hub stations.On the right side of the gate of the old East Lake Listening to tao Scenic area on Huangli Road, east Lake in Wuchang city is located another plum garden of The East Lake — East Lake listening to Tao Plum Garden.East Lake Listen to tao Plum garden, also known as east Lake Small plum Ridge.There are more than 1,000 plum blossom plants in 20 varieties.Donghu Tuntao Plum Garden is the first place to plant plum trees in the East Lake, which dates back to the 1930s of last century.Meiling is called “Little Meiling” because it is close to Meiling, the east Lake hotel where Chairman MAO Zedong used to stay in Wuhan.East Lake small meiling and xingyin Pavilion, Qu Yuan memorial hall, orange singing pavilion, Canglang pavilion, moon pavilion, fable sculpture garden, can be bamboo xuan, shuiyun township, lakeside gallery, bitan view fish, changtianlou, sunset waterside pavilion and other attractions adjacent, these attractions and listen to the tao Mei Garden are open attractions, free tour.East Lake Xiaomei Ling public transport is divided into two parts: the city’s many buses can reach the East Lake gate at Xiaomei Ling, you can also take the subway and more bus lines to liyuan Square station, from the Liyuan gate into the first listen to tao scenic spots and other attractions to the East Lake Xiaomei Ling appreciation of plum.Above, “Spring” Chinese Plum Culture Center in Plum Garden, East Lake, Wuhan.Chinese plum culture Center for imitation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Jiangnan garden-style courtyard, its construction area of more than 3,000 square meters, the museum has a large collection of celebrity plum blossom calligraphy and painting, plum blossom poetry books, the museum exhibits plum blossom bonsai and other cultural series exhibition.Here is the spirit of Chinese plum culture, its supporting projects fangxi, Fanghe Pavilion, Xihongqiao plum culture series of scenic spots.East Lake Plum Garden is one of the four major plum gardens in China. It is a famous plum appreciation resort in China and also the location of the Chinese plum Blossom Research Center.Established in 1956, the Plum Garden has expanded to more than 800 mu and planted more than 20,000 plum trees.East Lake Plum Garden is located at the south foot of Moshan Mountain in The East Lake Scenic Area of Wuhan city. Surrounded by water on three sides, the plum Garden is strewn with slopes, hills and wetlands, with a beautiful natural environment, shaded by pine trees and bamboo, forming a natural landscape of “three friends of winter and winter”.Every year in early spring in February, the plum blossom here, flowers like a brocade, fragrance overflow, come to admire the plum, chant plum, painting plum, take plum in an endless stream of tourists.The entrance fee is 40 yuan per person during the exhibition at East Lake Plum Garden.Wuhan three towns have bus access to the east Lake Moshan scenic parking lot (near the East Lake Meiyuan).