Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the middle Eastern bully, who can turn his back on The US and Russia faster than a book, is smiling at China?

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On March 25, 2021, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Turkey upon invitation. During the meeting, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warmly received The Chinese delegation and expressed the hope that China and Turkey would have more frequent cooperation and closer relations in the future.The harmonious high-level meeting between China and Turkey can be envied by many European and American countries.They had no idea there was such a gentle side to a president who would bite mad dogs at everyone.What’s going on here?In November 2020, when former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Turkey, Erdogan turned his back on him.It was an unprecedented experience in American diplomacy, and the United States had no choice but to leave.The United States has since imposed economic sanctions on Turkey.What the hell happened?How much has Turkey’s current president had to do with turning a loyal ally of the United States into an anti-American crusader?How did Erdogan, dubbed the “Star of the Middle East”, go from a small trader to an evergreen tree in Turkish politics?As a NATO member, why did Erdogan make frequent pro-China moves after taking office?Do you sincerely seek cooperation or have ulterior motives?Hello, everyone, this is the history of conversation around the stove.Take you taste history, see the world.Warm a pot of wine, sit together, listen to me slowly tell you.Born into a poor Muslim family on February 26, 1954, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, unlike many European leaders.Even his education was paid for by his hard work selling lemonade and pancakes.The poor life did not affect Erdogan’s enthusiasm for learning, he was admitted to Marmara University with excellent results and became a new student in the School of Economics and Trade.When the school soccer team recruited new players, Erdogan decided to give it a try and signed up. To his surprise, he was talented enough to become a professional soccer player.After systematic training, Erdogan’s basketball skills improved rapidly, and he soon gained a considerable reputation in the team.In 1976, just 20 years old, Erdogan received an offer to become a member of fenerbahce, the most famous football club in Turkey.This is a very high honor in Turkey, it is the dream of every teenager who loves football, who does not want to enter the powerful Fenerbahce football club, from this can also see erdogan’s talent in football.But he turned down the offer from fenerbahce as he now has a bigger ambition to fulfil – a career in politics.Since he grew up in a poor family, he had seen too many miserable struggles of the bottom people in Turkey for life, which made him more aware that in order to make people live a happy life, we must vigorously develop the economy.He wants to change people’s living standard through his efforts.Therefore, after erdogan graduated from university, he became a key member of the party, the National Salvation Party, under the leadership of Nejimeddin Erbakan.Erdogan, who had no family backing, became mayor of Istanbul in 1994.Although the city is the largest in Turkey, it is not very impressive in terms of infrastructure.In order to improve the dirty and messy city when erdogan was young, he required the people to collect the household garbage and then transport it to the designated place for destruction.As a result, the phenomenon of littering in cities has been greatly improved.In order to improve the urban environment, he introduced natural gas to replace the traditional methods of heating by burning coal and wood.These measures were implemented in parallel, and Istanbul soon became a beautiful city, one of the best in the world.In order to alleviate the water shortage of local residents, he also built several reservoirs and laid underground water pipes.Clean drinking water is delivered directly to each household.In terms of travel, he also went to great lengths to build roads, Bridges and tunnels, which brought great convenience to the people.In an effort to improve the city’s corruption, Mr Erdogan has used an iron fist to uproot Istanbul’s borers one by one.The removal of corrupt officials also brought life and vitality to the decaying city.Economic reforms are also crucial in raising the standard of living of the people.But inflation in Turkey had reached a very high level, and to reduce it, Erdogan began to attract a large amount of foreign investment to solve the problem of local unemployment.He also traded with neighboring countries.His reforms have, to his surprise, turned the debt-ridden city into a surplus.During his reign in Istanbul, he was popular with the people for his excellent governing ability.He became one of Turkey’s most famous mayors.Mr Erbakan is jealous of Mr Erdogan’s growing popularity.He has repeatedly blocked Mr Erdogan’s re-election as Istanbul’s mayor.The pair broke with the horse, and Mr Erdogan quit Mr Erbakan’s party.In 2001 Mr Erdogan set up his own party, the Justice and Development (AK) party, in order to increase its popularity, and put his oratory skills to good use, attracting a lot of followers.Thanks to his efforts, the nascent party won a general election in 2002, and Mr Erdogan became Prime minister in 2003 as head of AK.After erdogan became prime minister, he did not let the Turkish people down. He took advantage of Turkey’s unique geographical advantages and made repeated leap-forward development in both east and west.During his reign, he vigorously developed the economy.Trade has jumped from 250 billion dollars to 840 billion dollars today.Export volume also increased sevenfold.The average annual income has risen from $3,400 to $11,000.Unemployment is falling, and Turkey’s people are finally enjoying the good times they have long wanted.Erdogan is also affectionately known as the “Savior” by ordinary Turks.In the military, before Erdogan came to power, the government and the army were completely divided, and neither refused to accept the other, so that there were frequent mutinies in Turkey.Many presidents have been booted out of office, and occasional infighting has wreaked havoc on Turkey’s economy and its people.Mr Erdogan has used his high popular support to undermine the army’s influence.In 2010, for example, Mr Erdogan cited the army’s desire to “rebel”.The detention of a large number of officers has significantly weakened the army’s influence in Turkish politics.At home, Erdogan is popular as an “iron prime minister”, but internationally he has a bad reputation, offending half the world for his swagger.But it is his erratic behaviour in Both America and Russia that has drawn most criticism.He was ridiculed as a “wallflower” and a “chameleon”.When Mr Erdogan first came to power, he was more pro-American.Once under the provocation of the United States and Europe, China to Ukraine to buy semi-finished “aircraft carrier” – “Varyag” every way difficulties, and also lion big opening, to China’s high “toll”, because of this almost let China lost the aircraft carrier dream.And has shot down Russian warplanes on several occasions.Erdogan went out of his way to apologize to Putin.The Varyag has also been a vocal opponent of Russia over Syria and Armenia.Piss Off Russia, but don’t take it out on Turkey.After all, Turkey has NATO behind it.But after a military coup in 2016, he found his ally, the United States, behind him.Meanwhile, the US has been dragging its feet on Erdogan’s military orders.He found that the United States could not be trusted to turn around and bought Russia’s S-400 air defense system.The alliance between the United States and Turkey, which had lasted for many years, was broken.You might have thought that erdogan would stay on the same side as Russia after the fall out with the United States. After all, Russia and Turkey have a long history of feuding, but it is hard to turn them into Allies.For example, the relationship between Russia and Ukraine over the sovereignty of Crimea has been very tense in recent years. At this time, Erdogan could not sit still and openly challenged Russia, saying: Crimea belongs to Ukraine, and if Russia took it, it would be illegal annexation.All of a sudden, Russia was offended.But it’s not just the United States and Russia that he has made enemies. On his way to Brussels for a visit to the European Union’s headquarters, Erdogan cited the “Novel Coronavirus” as the reason for not shaking hands with each official who arrived at the airport.At first, people thought, this is understandable, given the severity of the epidemic, there is no harm in reducing exposure.But his comments as he walked out of the EU building after the meeting were downright offensive.”We have to be careful not to become the same as western countries like Europe that have hundreds of novel coronavirus deaths as a result of their carelessness in protecting themselves,” Erdogan said.It is no problem to express my dislike of the European Union.I wonder if he was disappointed with Turkey s chances of joining the EU.Or lost because things were going so well in the Middle East.All in all, Mr Erdogan has made too many enemies to talk tough enough to match only The qaddafi of his day.China has been at the center of public opinion since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country.He was vilified by western countries led by the United States, but what we did not expect was that there was a man who had never been expected to support China in the international arena many times against all odds.That man is Erdogan.After the success of our vaccine development, we took the initiative to help those countries in dire straits.To help them fight the epidemic, to give them vaccines.However, this humanitarian help has been discredited by some Western countries as “ulterior motives”, and the reason why the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine has no side effects is that it is unreliable and cannot prevent novel coronavirus at all.At the time, Erdogan not only offered to buy Chinese vaccines, but also revealed on his social media platform the whole process of his inoculation. After the inoculation, he gave a thumbling to the camera, proving that the Chinese vaccines were not only good, but also very good.Erdogan injected Chinese vaccine and invited Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Visit Turkey.Congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.So much emphasis on China’s behavior that the world wonders if this is the same venomous Erdogan?Why is Mr Erdogan so special to China?In 2009, China and Turkey were at loggerheads over the Xinjiang issue.Erdogan has also been the front foot of China and the United States to build high-speed rail cooperation, signed agreements.The last thing I did was tear up the HQ-9 agreement.Why are we so firmly supporting Korea on the epidemic?He even apologized to us for the xinjiang problem.He assured China that there will never be any “anti-Chinese” acts in Turkey.What was he going through?Why so much change.In my opinion, There are three main points in Erdogan’s current series of pro-China behaviors. First, Due to the issue of interests, Turkey is at war with the United States.He is desperate to find a new ally to help stabilize the economy.It is true that Turkey has suffered a bit from the SANCTIONS imposed by the United States in order to prevent internal unrest.A smooth and peaceful China should be his first choice.Second: China’s strength is so strong that, among all the countries opposing American hegemony, China is not only very easy, but also has the energy to give the United States a heavy blow.It would be foolish not to have such a powerful ally.Third: Turkey has not succeeded in entering the EU for more than 20 years. It has been on the outside, always applying and always being beaten.Mr Erdogan knows the chances of entering the EU must be slim.Therefore, it is in Turkey’s own interests not to follow the eu’s “anti-China” steps, but to improve relations with China.To sum up, the polarity reversal of Turkey’s attitude toward China is due to Turkey’s “soberness”. Erdogan knows that the world can no longer stop the rise of China, and only with good relations with China can Turkey have a future.Therefore, Erdogan actively cooperated with China to develop the “Belt and Road” and argued for China from China’s point of view in the world.But for China, on the basis of mutual benefit with Turkey, we must keep a careful mind.After all, Turkey has a history of “capriciousness”, and who knows when Mr Erdogan will strike a blow again.