Shudu Primary School held a series of activities for the next term of the 2021-2022 school year

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On the steps of spring, with new hope.On the morning of February 16, 2022, Shudu Primary School of Jiangbei District held the opening ceremony of the next term of 2021-2022 school year, “Set sail and create Brilliance on the Journey of Youth”. All teachers and students gathered on the playground, full of joy, together to the future!President Zhou Feng delivered a speech for the new term.He said that students should be patriotic, love the school, love the class “civilized youth”;The new semester to women’s football, winter Olympic athletes to learn, learn their indomitable struggle, do not easily bow to the difficult tough character, learn Olympic athletes to win honor for the motherland, with the strength of the country’s pure heart.He hoped that all the students would learn knowledge and skills well, shoulder the new mission, write a new chapter, and strive to grow into socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor, and work together for the future!Wonderful!A group of love roller skating shu young happy appearance, galloping charm, beautiful action, drew rounds of applause.Their performance of roller skating – “live up to spring together to the future”, not only highlights the spirit of sports competition, but also enjoy the happiness of sports, become the focus of attention on the opening ceremony.”The great Communist Party of China, braving the wind and waves, sets sail and guides China on the journey of the new era…”The teachers and students recited the poem “Guiding” with high voice, expressing their fervent feelings of “feeling the party’s kindness, listening to the Party’s words and following the Party”, and enhancing national pride and patriotic enthusiasm.After the opening ceremony, the students returned to the classroom in an orderly manner and watched the first lesson of the new Term — Set sail on a new Journey.We were all engrossed and stared at the big screen, feeling the bravery, perseverance, struggle and sacrifice of our predecessors.Students have said that we must not forget the suffering and glory of yesterday, live up to the great dream of tomorrow, study hard, work hard, with excellent results to the party’s twenty gift!The teacher led the students to watch the “Daily Routine of Shudu Primary School” and learn the “Rules of Maintaining integrity” for students in Shudu Primary School, aiming at forming good habits of life and study and laying a solid foundation for students’ healthy growth.Through video, q&A and explanation, students received various safety education, including epidemic prevention safety, fire and electricity safety, campus safety and network safety.In order to further enhance the practical operation ability of epidemic prevention and control and remind everyone to be vigilant in epidemic prevention and control, the university organized an epidemic emergency drill to ensure the safety and health of all teachers and students.During the winter vacation, the students through painting hand copy newspaper, keep in mind the party’s entrust, continuously red blood, inherit the red spirit, and strive to do a good job in the new era of successors.In the new semester, the new journey, Shudu Primary School will continue to implement the national policy of “double reduction”, promote the quality and efficiency of teaching, strengthen the standard management of teaching, and further improve the quality of education and teaching.Forge ahead in the year of the Tiger, ride the wind and waves, and dream together to the future!